Engage in breathing exercises. About the benefits of oxygen starvation
In the category Women's health: allergic to the cold Breathing exercises are different There are several types of breathing exercises, which are based on different principles: • Strelnikova method is…

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Nekhvyadovich A. I. CRITERIA for evaluating the PROSPECTS of ATHLETES ON INDICATORS of ENERGY
  At the present time the differences in the energy characteristics of General endurance athletes when performing physical activities. The choice of a metabolic pathway is determined by the resistance…

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Body-ballet – for women who love and respect themselves


Perhaps, every girl at least once envied professional dancers because of their graceful figures and legendary grace and flexibility. Typical ballet figure, indeed, looks more feminine and has smoother lines than the body trained athletes. This is because during the dance muscles are stretched, that does not always occur in the course of ordinary practice. Of course, not everyone can and want to spend many hours in the day at the ballet bar, but closer to the ideal will be able to help one of the newer areas of training – body ballet . As a result of practice will be able to develop not only the plasticity and flexibility, but in addition, body-

ballet helps to achieve excellent posture and to work even the smallest muscles.

Body ballet can practice women absolutely any age, regardless of their physical condition. Classes have no contraindications. Training is built on the use of the basic elements of classical ballet choreography, adapted for non-professionals, combined with exercises that help develop the body’s flexibility and mobility of joints – stretching. The degree of intensity of load is defined as the average. Workouts are also supplemented aerobic elements. Thus, the classes will help get rid of excess weight.

In addition, body-ballet helps to have a nice shape of legs, thighs and buttocks, to give them strength and elasticity – at the expense of the same muscle strain. This is especially true for exercises performed when deployed in the side of the socks. Classes are held in a room with mirrored walls and ballet machine along the entire perimeter of the room. The band perform exercises simultaneously, accompanied by specially selected music. The workout is not boring or too relaxing. The main advantage of such practice, which is celebrated professionals – the opportunity to learn to feel your body and control it.

The most suitable clothes in which best to go to the body ballet . this tight legs leggings or lightweight knit pants. The cloth should not hang, because otherwise it will interfere with the movements. In addition, loose pants undesirable because the instructor will not be able to see exactly how the members of the group perform the motions, and not be able to fix them, if someone does something wrong. Shoes can not be worn, although studies directly at the machine is well suited ballet shoes or gym shoes.

Initially body ballet may seem a very difficult task, especially for those girls who are not used to any physical activity. After the first session, most often there is a feeling of weakness and extreme exhaustion, but after a few workouts it passes and is replaced by a feeling of pleasure from receiving loads. It is important that training is almost completely safe for the joints, helps to increase blood circulation and stimulate the functioning of internal organs. Regular exercise help get rid of flat feet, scoliosis and improve coordination.

Body ballet is an excellent alternative to force or cross-country training for those for whom they are contraindicated for health reasons. Often sports doctors recommend such classes to those girls who have suffered injury, e.g. fracture. This type of exercise is also very beneficial to those who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system or respiratory system. In addition, regular exercise improves mood and give courage.