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The choice of the treadmill


&nbsp &nbsp Treadmills are one of the most popular simulators for the home. When you purchase a treadmill you need to consider a few key factors to your choice exactly suit your needs.

&nbsp &nbsp On the market now presents a variety of models of domestic treadmills in different price ranges and you should keep in mind that the quality of the equipment depends on its price. Before you to choosing a treadmill – measure the area where you plan to install the treadmill. The average home treadmill has a length of about 160 cm and a width of about

70 cm, however, there are many models that fold, and then you can store them under the bed or in the closet. Selecting a track you can pay attention to the following key characteristics: the track design, programming and warranty.

The design of the treadmill

&nbsp &nbsp first, you should pay attention to the engine power (measured in horsepower). It is recommended to purchase the equipment, the capacity of which is less than 2 l/s. The engine of such power will last much longer and the user’s weight may exceed 80 kg.

&nbsp &nbsp second, note the running belt and deck. The cloth should be at least two-ply, not less than 40 cm in width and 124 cm in length. The thickness of the deck should not be less than 2.5 cm. DECA needs to soften the blows of the feet on the canvas, reducing stress on the joints and spine. The most popular models of treadmills are equipped with a cushioning system, when the deck flexes slightly under the weight of a user, quenching strength of the rebound. This function is especially essential for people who have suffered injuries and have problems with joints and spine.

&nbsp &nbsp Powerful frame supports the design of the walking belt and deck. Usually treadmills from the lower price range have a steel frame. Expensive equipment is equipped with a frame made of aluminum used in the aerospace industry. Thanks to the use of this material, first, achieving the additional shock absorption. Secondly, the aluminum frame is not subject to corrosion, lighter and easier to move around the room.

Programming functions

&nbsp &nbsp Inexpensive treadmills usually allow you to control the speed, workout time, distance and energy expenditure (calories). However, they rarely use individual information about users, and calculation of energy consumption is usually not very accurate. Additional programs that allow you to program interval workouts of varying intensity by changing the pitch angle or the speed of the walking belt, accompanied by an increase in the cost of equipment. Very convenient so-called “interactive” programs, which take into account the age and weight of the user, adjust the load depending on the heart rate, helping to achieve specific workout goals, whether it be endurance or the “burning fat”.

&nbsp &nbsp Usually, the warranty is only for manufacturing defects, not taking into account other wear and damage to the equipment. And if the user’s weight exceeds the maximum weight specified in the specifications, or the faults were caused by careless handling with a treadmill, a warranty claim may be rejected.

&nbsp &nbsp Also, when buying a treadmill you should pay attention to additional elements: a security key and a pulse sensor.

&nbsp &nbsp the security Key should be on every electric treadmill. One end of the cord is securely attached to the belt of the runner, and the second on the key. In case of a fall, the track is immediately shut down. Follow safety rules.

&nbsp &nbsp Variants of sensors heart rate a lot. A simple clip on the ear, and the button on the control panel to which it is necessary to put the finger, and metalized strips on the handrail, for which you have to hold on for the measurement.

&nbsp &nbsp Electric treadmills can be divided into several classes:

&nbsp &nbsp These treadmills have the engine power to 1.1 kW, speed from 1.5 to 15 km/h. All the controls are manual. The width of the walking belt 38-40 cm compared to mechanical walkways provide a more convenient practice. These treadmills are designed to operate only in the home.

Amateur class

&nbsp &nbsp the Motor commutator DC power of 1.5 kW. The speed varies from 1.5 to 16 km/h. The width of the walking belt 40-45 see the Computer not only performs registration functions, but also control. It has pre-programmed workouts, as well as the possibility of creating your own. To control the angle of tilt electrical. Designed to operate both at home and in a small fitness clubs.

&nbsp &nbsp the Motor brushed DC or brushless ranging from 1.5 to 2 kW. The speed of the blade from 0.8 to 18 km/h. The width of the belt 45 to 50 cm differ from most Important Amateur class is the ability to control pulse, i.e., the computer selects the load so that the pulse trains does not exceed the preset limit. This is important when using the tracks in order of rehabilitation. Designed for use at home, in rehabilitation centers, fitness rooms with low bandwidth.


&nbsp &nbsp the Differences in functionality from the previous class. Due to the complex technical solutions, these tracks can be operated in large commercial halls around the clock.

&nbsp &nbsp When choosing be sure to pay attention to how much noise a treadmill, do you like her look, the movement is smooth or cloth does not move smoothly, is it easy for you to turn it on and program. Remember that a treadmill should last you a long time, and she will be your faithful partner during training. So once again, think carefully about what you would expect from its future of the treadmill so as not to feel the disappointment from buying.