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How to run how to start, equipment, Jogging


How to start running? First you need to stretch your body. Workout should be carried out immediately before you run. 10-15 minutes is enough to perform a small set of exercises: the muscles warmed up, the joints will be prepared for the load, and the heart will begin to work in the right rhythm. In addition, this workout will help to avoid traumas during the run. Here, you can use any set of exercises to warm up the body. You can make the most simple charging times of visiting the physical education


This workout should be done not only before the morning run, but before evening. How to run in the evenings? In principle, a large difference between morning and evening running no. The main thing to observe all the basic rules of preparation for exercise.

Breathing while running

Without proper breathing not far away: shortness of breath and tingling in my side will be provided. The correct breathing technique while running is that you need to breathe it through the nose. But often this amount is not enough and after a while start runners are switching to mouth breathing. The poet, there are two options how to breathe while running:

The alternation. This technique is used by professional runners: four steps – inhale through the nose, into the following four steps, exhale through the mouth.

Mixed breath. Simultaneously inhaling through the nose and mouth. Such breathing can significantly increase the amount of inhaled oxygen.

If while running, you notice that you need air and you actively begin to miss the air through the mouth, slow the pace and catch your breath. This means that your cardiovascular system is not yet ready for operation at this speed and you need to continue your training at a slower pace.

The position of the hands and feet while running

No need to press the hands to the body. Enough of them slightly bent at the elbows and hands clenched into a fist. While running, the hands must work actively, thereby to work more muscles during your workout. Thereby you will run faster and more energetic.

As for the legs, to run better on the toes. That is, the landing must occur first on the forefoot, and then back on. Otherwise, increases the risk of injury of the foot. When you do this, try to keep the landing was soft – it will reduce stress on your joints and back.


How to jog? Jogging is the most popular type of workout. It’s running, which is supported by a smooth and slow tempo. His speed is slightly above a fast walk. Feature Jogging is that the phase of “flying” is much shorter than in other types of running. Due to this, the load on the joints is reduced.

This is the best option of running as a recovery workout, Jogging or to relieve stress after a hard day. Besides, Jogging is very effective for strengthening the cardiovascular system.

This run is also the best option for those who have excess weight. Because while running the load on the body increases several times in comparison with normal walking. In this case Jogging is the most appropriate and correct running for weight loss .

Hitch after running

Never stop running abruptly stopping! Dramatically increases the load on the heart, which is bad for his work. Hit the showers should gradually moving from running to a slow walk. During this period, the cardiovascular system can adapt to the slower pace.

After an active walk, you should make a small set of exercises to restore normal breathing and stretching muscles. This complete Jogging is considered the most correct and recommended athletes.

How often can I run

How to run and how often can you run? Athletes and doctors recommend to run every other day for 25-45 minutes. During this time reached the maximum health benefits. But this is a recommendation for those who regularly play sports and have physical training.

How to start Jogging untrained person? Gradually!

Best to start with 10-15 minutes twice a week. Twice a week you can replace running with active walk. As the body will get stronger, you can gradually increase the duration and amount of training.

For those who are overweight, joint problems, shortness of breath, diseases of the cardiovascular system, angina from running should be abandoned. A great alternative in this case would be a walk in the fresh air.

The difference of running in warm and cold weather are mainly associated with the right kind of clothing. If in the summer, it helps to wear cotton t-shirt and shorts, in the winter you should choose a special winter tracksuit. which will be comfortable to train on the street.

How to run in winter

In the cold season, it is still recommended to shorten the run time on the street and to increase its duration only as you become accustomed to low temperatures. At temperatures below zero to run on the street is not recommended. If you start to use fitness equipment in the gym, then stick with the General recommendation for beginners.

So, we discussed in detail how to begin to run and what to do this. The main thing in running is to understand why you need this training? If you find the answer to this question, you will find it much easier to regularly go Jogging. You will understand what you’re doing it and what results you want to achieve. And with proper motivation, training with port for you will always be just a joy.