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How to choose a trainer for at home – useful tips


Today there is a huge amount of exercise equipment for the home.

Really, it’s so convenient: no need to spend time on the road, to get the membership in health clubs – home trainer is always on hand to do and You can at any time.

But why it is often bought by the trainer and so is idle, covered with dust? How to avoid mistakes when buying equipment for home, so it truly is brought to You favor? I hope this article will help You in solving this


What are the different simulators

Actually, the term “trainer” from eng. to train – training refers to any training device for muscle development. Choosing a trainer for your home, first of all, please note that it is of high quality and easy to use.

The following types of equipment:

-the cardio

-strength training

Cardio machines are great for improving body tone, improve cardiovascular system, improving stamina of the body. Suitable machines for weight loss.

D1%81%D1%82%D0%B5%D0%BF%D0%BF%D0%B5%D1%801.jpeg” /%Thus, the cardio equipment is pretty universal and can be useful for all family members. Opt for cardio, consider what activities in your daily life bring You the greatest pleasure: if You’re a fan of long walks, to practice at home perfect treadmill. And, for example, if You hate stairs, but lessons on the stepper is unlikely You will like it.

Read more about how to choose a specific cardio machine, You can read here:

Strength training is suitable for those whose goal – the study of a specific group or groups of muscles. The more technically sophisticated the simulator, the more expensive it is. Therefore, it is also important to decide how much You are willing to spend.

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A good option would be to purchase a universal simulator, say, a bench for bench press. Complete your home gym, cheap exercise equipment, such as a pull-up bar and dumbbells. gymnastic Hoop, non-slip Mat (quite suitable yoga Mat ) – and You are almost fully staffed for sports at home.

On what to look for when choosing a treadmill for home?

Before you buy an expensive trainer think – whether You need timers, monitors and graphs, heart rate sensors, etc. Perhaps to practice You will be quite normal hours and home blood pressure monitor with measurement functions of heart rate and pressure. Practice shows that the vast majority of people does not use the additional features, which are, however, significantly increase the cost of the simulator. It is better to give preference to the quality trainer is a good company without unnecessary to You personally options than buying questionable simulator with lots of buttons that You will not use.

Another important point when choosing a trainer for your home – this is a warranty on the product, especially if You are going to buy a treadmill for home via the Internet or teleshopping. The standard warranty period – about a year, if You are told that the manufacturer does not give guarantee on their goods, it is better to abandon the purchase. It is useful to ask about and statistics of complaints, the cost of repairs after the warranty period, availability of service centers.

And finally, before you buy flight simulator, decide where You will keep it.

If the simulator will require constant Assembly/disassembly to fit in a designated place, most likely, You will quickly get bored. Therefore, pre-measure the available free space to practice and compare it with the size of the simulator. Also check all electrical outlets and ventilation. Before classes it is useful to ventilate the room.

Remember – the more convenient place to practice You select, the greater the likelihood that the training will bring joy and pleasure.