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Gregory Mazur after a workout, drink two liters of milk


– On the anniversary of the children gave the form of the club “Milan” with the number 70. It is unknown where ordered. Then there are “Shakhtar” and “Dynamo Kiev”. They in turn put on the workout, ” says 70-year-old Gregory Mazur . head trauma the hospital from the village Chernobay, Cherkasy region. Rides bike 50 km.

The doctor found in his office. On the table big stack of books. Among them, the vocabulary of the young athlete.

– On the sofa in front of the TV does not relax, because even more tired. After working at the bike and left for the city, says. – Wind of fifty miles. First, determine the course. Forward food against the wind, and back – to make it easier. If the wind is against Zolotonosha, so can the son to come to visit. Long standing, 5 minutes and go home. When was little, my brother from squares sled welded. I stick nails pozabivali to push easier, – says Grigory Yurievich. A little skiing, and ninth grade is on the bike. Now cyclocross only after work or on weekends. When I was younger, at six in the morning went. On the way managed to drive into the forest and gather mushrooms. At nine he was at work. And in the evening my wife and mushrooms cleaned.

The wall hanging x-rays of bones. Several similar films are on the table. Nearby magnifying glass.

– a Chondrosis I don’t have. And can, and have, don’t know, ” he laughs. – Pressure is not measured. At the hospital once in my life was when the Appendix is excised. Move, because of the disease are not get. In the morning open my eyes, stand up – and to physical education. Waved arms and legs, warmed up the charge.

Under the wall in the corner are the black rubber Slippers. Shoes their doctor in the operating room.

– I trauma surgeon must be trained and hardy. Sometimes, the leg of the patient to maintain need to be accurately recorded. Although most tired of papers and scribbling – adds.

Shows the bike parked at the entrance to the hospital. It was brought from Germany. Riding it in the summer because with narrow tires. Three bicycles were stolen.

– Three times a week after work playing tennis. Like me, a couple of other people. Is the team even the Chairman of the collective farm. Two hours can jump incessantly. T-shirt twist though. Not only the back, nothing to hurt, ” laughs Gregory Yu. – To keep the vertebrae from rubbing against one of the spine to strain as well as the joints. In young cartilage bluish, like a Sunny sky in freezing weather. Because 80 percent of the liquid. With age it becomes less and cartilage tarnish. Under the microscope it is seen that in all the cracks. In my youth I had a growth 174 cm, and now 172. The liquid was less between the vertebrae. Need to constantly load the joints and the spine, because the broken body dies.

Gregory Mazur smoke, or eat meat and fish. Food not dolivet. Drink water as he wants. Eats a lot of dairy products. Of medicine only recognizes Valerian tablets. House holds painkillers. Instead preserves vitamins juices.

– Drink coffee. He was my calcium is not washed out like they say. Because we grew up in the village, can survive on milk and black bread. Eat so that I, not the eyeballs, explains. – Post-workout drink 2 liters of milk at a time. And before class eat 2 spoons of honey gives energy. Dinner can cottage cheese with sour cream and sugar. All pour the fresh milk and mix.