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The most dangerous sport top 3


Finally we moved on to the fun part, to our final three of the most dangerous of popular sports. There are times when we begin to engage in a fairly dangerous sports, or placing their children in any sports section, but do not pay attention to possible danger. This is not what sport should do and what should not, you should at least know in advance what is the

danger of your sport, and then you will have much more chances to avoid injuries and other unpleasant things.

Actually, with the proper level of safety you have a great chance for a long time without injuries, or to do the most minimal bruises and bruises, because minor injuries make up more than 91% of all sports injuries . Yes and most of the remaining 8% average, and slightly more than 1% of serious injuries occur due to carelessness or negligence, as the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed.

And so our third place…

3. Threat Basketball

Basketball seemed to have absorbed all the injuries of the other team sports with a ball. Besides, this sport is very common in many countries, and only in the United States for the year more than half a million people turn to doctors after matches and training sessions in basketball.

Basketball play everything from paying super professionals, teenagers in the yard, the boys and girls in schools and universities, and even managers at the corporate health days.

As in other team sports, basketball is very frequent physical confrontations between players, especially at the moment of the jump to the basket, although there are other injuries, such as cuts on the forehead and chin from the shield. If we add to this the constant fall to the floor, even accidental bumping elbows in the face with representatives of their own teammates in the heat of the game are not uncommon in this sport.

Naturally here also as in many sports, the most frequent injury are hard to treat injuries of the knee and ankle joints. Thus it is not strange basketball was even recognized by the American dental Association, the most prone to dental injuries.

Only for one season 10.6% of men and 5% of women received dental injuries. For example, in American football, where you are required to wear special splints, dental injuries occur in 5 times less, so, a good idea to use mouth guards and basketball, in order to avoid similar injuries.

Don’t forget a good warm up before the game and try to play with opponents close to your level, it will protect you from most of the stupid injuries. But if you are unsure of your abilities a little better work out in the gym. Well with age and need to monitor their safety, according to statistics, at the age of 20 injuries such as Achilles tendon are far less common than 40 years.

2. Dangerous Parkour and dangerous acrobatics

Parkour (FR. parkour . distorted from the parcours . parcours du combattant — distance, obstacle course). Or Freerunning ( eng. free run – free run ).

Parkour is quite a young sport, but that doesn’t make it safer, I think there is not a long time engaged in parkourist who has not received the least injury of varying degrees.

While most athletes simply a directory of medical injuries, and it is not strange, as a fan of parkour is very often neglected even minimal security measures, jumping from house to house, railings, walls and other, not intended for this objects. Also similar are considered dangerous and other types of youth sports as gymnastics, freerunning, acrostic etc.

The most frequent injuries in acrobatics

In such circumstances, in parkour you can get any injury, and to break almost any bone, most common broken legs, arms, clavicle, injuries and fractures of the wrist joint in reliance on incorrect hands, the same injuries to shins and knees when running and jumping.

Frequent sports injuries of the tibia, when you cannot jump over your own obstacle, also very frequent stretching, injuries, and even tendon ruptures, and breaks when necessarily surgery.

Also very frequent injuries heels when landing in jumping from a height and acrobatics, to prevent such injuries need to use good shoes, and first to train proper technique of landing. But of course the most dangerous spinal injury, traumatic brain, or just falling from a great height.

Even it is strange that deaths in parkour known for a few, but they exist, and many other very serious injuries. But one good news is that these injuries have largely not professionals, but just teenagers after watching movies with parkour and decided on a dare to jump from house to house. Therefore a sober calculation of the forces will save you from the most severe injuries in this dangerous and unusual sport.

Well, acrobatics and gymnastics more than traditional sports, and athletes are often engaged in a specially equipped sports halls, which can reduce the number of injuries.

Early retirement in acrobatic sports

But still, these sports are also very frequent injuries, training in gymnastics -14 hours a day . and retirement in 16-18 years . and very rarely special lucky people and even more fortunate to continue my career up to 20-22 years.

And well if these athletes are switching to a different a safer sport type fitness, but often enough to just go on disability and the inability to play sports. But nothing in this sport very quickly they are replaced by other young sportsmen and sportswomen, which ultimately soon expect the same. But on the other hand generally can not talk, there there are almost all the dangers of our next most dangerous sport.

Generally now there a huge number of modern branches of street acrobatics, but often the differences are more in the title or in ideology, but in appearance and difficult to distinguish, but we shall analyze separately the features of these sports, and now we continue.

The most dangerous sport top 1

Cheerleading (eng. cheerleading, cheer, supportive, presiunea shouting and lead — to lead, manage). In fact, this is a support group of sports teams and smaller shows in between halves .

1. Dangerous Cheerleading

In cheerleading as in the most dangerous form of the sport, almost all risk of the above gymnastic and acrobatic sports. But is compounded by the fact that cheerleading are most often girls, young sportsmen and sportswomen, female fans of sports teams, and students in regular colleges and other educational institutions.

You’d be surprised, but the representatives of this beautiful and elegant sport only in the United States receive more than 25 000 serious injuries per year . including head injuries, broken arms and legs, fractures of the clavicle, and of course injuries and fractures of the neck and spine. But data from the Universities of North Carolina say that 70% of the girls involved in this sport has been at least one serious injury.

And generally at least 70% of serious injuries in school and University institutions of America accounts for cherlidinga. Of the 103 cases of very severe injuries and deaths in high schools 67 of these cases occurred in colliding.

Well, it certainly be aggravated by the fact that engaged in this sport in America for 2009 was more than 100 000 women. Here and involuntarily think about how many serious and often senseless injuries gets a good half of the future of American society.

This is the brutal statistics, but to fear it is not worth it, because as you correctly say there are 3 degrees of severity lies from innocent lies, damned lies and statistics. In the same sport, there are cases when Olympic athletes received a very unexpected injury, such as European champion Tero pitkamaki managed to stick a spear into the side of the French jumper, and the Czech thrower Vladimir mashek, accidentally fell on the warm-up hammer 18 year old runner that could not be saved.

Now forget all this and get exercise with a clear conscience and be healthy, because in reality, the risk of receiving a serious injury in sport is much less than in ordinary everyday situations. Sports injuries account for only 5% of all possible injuries, and in America only 300 people a year fall under a stray bullet, while in Russia only in St. Petersburg during the winter ice-affected 2768 man and 167 of fallen icicles. Therefore it is better to get exercise, but don’t walk the streets without work.

Well, goodbye take care of your health, whatever you do, be aware and do not make blatantly stupid things, because this is the most common cause of all possible injuries. And if that’s not enough, you can read my book about martial arts, which are sometimes even more dangerous. or at least an article about 10 most dangerous extreme sports. Or if you are danger attracts not so much, just read an article on how to choose the best sport for themselves.