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7 myths homemade weight loss how not to lose weight


With EMI the most common misconceptions about burning fat at home — all about how not to lose weight. Diet «1000 calories» and exercise for weight loss.

Myth 1: to Lose 10 pounds in a week

Because a gram of fat contains 9 calories, to get rid of one kilogram of fat deposits the body has to have a negative energy balance in the amount of 9 000 calories. Taking into account average caloric intake. it’s almost

a week without food.

It is important to understand that 90 000 calories you can spend a week solely for a daily deficit of 12 thousand calories, which is physically unrealistic. In most cases, a healthy body cannot burn more than 400-500 grams of fat in a week.

Myth 2: don’t eat after six in the evening

The view that “morning calories” are not stored in fat, and all the food is received by the body after 18:00, only in this fat becomes — is profoundly mistaken. Obviously, the morning and evening calories nothing from each other do not differ.

For the body is important only the total quantity of food consumption, not the consumption. In addition, it does not matter, whether you eat 3,000 calories for two meals or six. the only difference is the amount of calories.

Myth 3: “1000 calorie Diet”

The sharp limitation of the power leads to the fact that after a few days the body goes into survival mode, significantly increasing the level of hormones leptin and cortisol. Fat burning stops, as the body tries to protect valuable energy reserves.

It is important to remember that losing weight by fasting or keto diet. you will promptly return to its initial weight as you don’t have the slightest idea of how to eat and how to compose a healthy diet.

Myth 4: Exercise for weight loss

Hour of running burns about 500 calories an hour strength training — 250 calories (1). Twenty minutes of torsion Hoop, swing press twists, leg raises with weights and performing other exercises for losing weight” will require no more than 100 calories.

If you think about how to lose weight at home, start by finding information about the miracle exercise, and with more careful attention to what you eat and drink — a glass of juice or Bank ordinary Cola contain those same 100 calories .

Myth 5: Burn belly fat

Abdominal exercises are one of the lowest levels of energy demand, since the mass involved in the work of the abdominal muscles rather not high to burn a hundred grams of fat you need to perform more than three thousand of twists with the weights.

In addition, when performing any form of exercise impossible local fat burning in parts of the body, be it press or the buttocks. The body uses energy depot of the whole body at the same time, effectively redistributing energy.

Myth 6: New methods of weight loss

Body wraps body wrap when you exercise, aggressive anti-cellulite massage, expensive creams to improve the contours of the body — all these methods are in no way able to force the body to burn excess fat.

If you want to lose weight and get rid of the belly, do not rely on magical techniques of electrical stimulation and belt EMS. and start with close attention to what and in what quantities you eat. Also stop spending all evening on the couch.

Myth 7: Running burns fat

It is important to understand that running does not burn fat. Calories, spending when running, can be easily compensated for by increasing appetite. The main advantage of Jogging on the decrease according to the level of glucose and the discovery of fat burning mechanisms.

Recent studies indicate that the metabolism of people, doing twice a week for 25-40 minutes, accelerating after 10-15 days, the body begins to use energy more efficiently, learning to spend and thus accumulated fat reserves (2) .


The biggest myth associated with getting rid of extra weight in the home, is that you can lose weight without changing your lifestyle and without changing your diet. Remember that to lose weight and to save the result — two different strategies.