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A healthy spine is a healthy organism


At the IV International championship at SPA-massage, which was held in Moscow, representatives from Lithuania, massage therapist from Druskininkai Regina Branickaya and super-model Egle Roxrite (aka marketing Director at SPA Vilnius SANA) – took first place. We present to Your attention an interview with a champion – Regina Branickaya.

In recent years, Druskininkai became one of Europe’s leading Spa resorts.

How can You explain such popularity?

World famous Druskininkai acquired thanks to the unique methods of treatment of the spine. The treatment is so effective that people are coming to us from Norway, Sweden, USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, France, Israel, England and even from India and China – countries that are known for their natural healing traditions.

Foreign guests are impressed by the extraordinary beauty and pristine purity of our nature. The crystal clear lake with sandy beach and surrounding a pine forest, stretching for tens of kilometers, delight vacationers. Air Druskininkai is recognized as the cleanest in Europe! In addition, we have created a magnificent resort infrastructure – cafes and restaurants, hotels, SPA centers & sanatoriums high-level, recreational parks, Biking and walking trails. In Druskininkai is one of the largest indoor water parks in Europe. It offers one of the biggest artificial ski slopes, which works even in the summer.

What is unique about the treatment of the spine in Druskininkai?

Despite a wide range of treatments included in the treatment of the spine, one of the most basic – vertical bath. Modern urban man surrounded by civilization and comfort, not enough moves, and spends too much time sitting in the office at the computer or driving a car. Most people have underdeveloped back muscles and not able to hold the spine in the correct position. As a result, the vertebrae of a person taking a wrong position and the curvature of the spine, the extrusion of the intervertebral discs, etc. So between the vertebrae pinch nerves extending from the spinal cord to all organs and systems of man. Because of this broken relationship of the organs to the control center of the body is the brain. The signals coming into the brain from the organs and rapporteuse on the status of these bodies are distorted. The brain receives partial or incorrect information, takes wrong decisions, which, in turn, again distorted during transmission to the organs. In consequence of all these human bodies function incorrectly or inadequately situation. Get “broken telephone”, the human body razbalansirovat and ill.

Wrong position of the vertebrae can not only testify about a particular health problem, but also to be the initial cause of this problem. The displacement of certain vertebrae occur following diseases:

cervical spine:

1) headaches, nervousness, high blood pressure, migraines, trouble sleeping;

2) eye diseases, allergies, hearing loss, fainting;

3) neuralgia, neuritis, acne;

4) hearing impairment, enlarged adenoids;

5) sore throat, tonsillitis, laryngitis;

6) pain in the neck, shoulders, nape of the neck;

7) hypothyroidism, impaired mobility in shoulders and elbows;

thoracic spine:

1) asthma, cough, pain in the arms and hands;

2) arrhythmia, chest pain, coronary artery disease;

3) bronchitis, asthma, pleurisy, pneumonia;

4) gall stones, jaundice, impaired digestion of fats;

5) disorder of the liver, jaundice, disorders of blood clotting;

6) gastritis, ulcers, indigestion;

7) diabetes, ulcers, digestive disorders, and hearing;

8) indigestion, hiccups, respiratory disorder;

9) allergic reactions, weakness of the immune system;

10) kidney disease, fatigue, weakness;

11) disorder urination, chronic kidney disease;

12) digestive disorders, diseases of female genital organs, infertility.

lumbar spine:

1) hernia, constipation, colitis, diarrhea;

2) the Appendix, intestinal colic, pain in the hip and groin;

3) disorders of the bladder, impotence, pain in knees;

4) pain in the legs, feet, sciatica, lumbago, urinary incontinence,

5) swelling, pain in the ankles, flat feet;

sacrum pain in the sacrum;

coccyx: hemorrhoids, dysfunction of the pelvic organs.

Our philosophy of treatment is based on the assertion that the human body is originally perfect and is meant to be healthy. In order to be healthy, don’t need to do anything extraordinary, just enough not to harm your body, and he is able to cope with all ailments. Modern medicine to fight the effects of throws huge financial resources for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases using expensive ultra-modern equipment, the latest technology and techniques. Working on this whole industry. However, the number of sick people is becoming not less but more. The solution – the cure by removing the cause of the disease.

Vertical bath is the author’s technique of the famous Lithuanian resort expert Carolis Danaki, which for over thirty years successfully used in the treatment of diseases of the spine in the resorts of Druskininkai. Dr. Dinaka one of the first to use natural factors for the healing of people, in the centre of the resort he created a “Health Park”. Carolis of Dinaka was one of the founders of the Soviet balneological school, which today is recognized as the best in the world. Unlike Western medicine, balneology developed in a non-market setting. Before the Soviet health resort than attempting to earn money, so the whole system went the way of “healing” and “conservation of health” of the person. Vertical baths are a Prime example of effective, non-profit oriented method of treatment.

The course of treatment is six to ten treatments. The procedure is performed in a pool with warm

mineral water. Duration of treatment – 30 minutes. Under the guidance and supervision of an experienced instructor is the patient doing some special exercises, which occurs when static and dynamic spine stretching, improves circulation. Since patients are in the water, their weight varies, in a state of weightlessness during the extraction of the spinal vertebrae and intervertebral discs are positioned correctly, clamp the nerves extending from the spinal column, first weakened, and then disappears. Simultaneous training of the muscles around the spine, formed by the muscles which will help to hold the vertebrae in proper position. In combination with other treatments, vertical bath have a positive impact not only on the back, but on the entire human body in General. As a result of feedback between the Central nervous system and organs of the human brain again gets the opportunity to properly monitor the activities of the body, and many diseases disappear by themselves.

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