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How to eat after a workout or game


ain2A lot of water is lost by athletes sweat during a hockey game. Scientifically it is estimated that goalies who played all 60 minutes of the match to lose 4.5 kg of body weight by the end of the game. This loss of body weight is a consequence of water loss, not fat. Intense physical activity, the load created by the weight of protective equipment, the humidity from the breath of the fans, the bright lights illuminating the arena – all this contributes to the fact that hockey players sweat


The difference in body weight before the game and after the game shows how much water you need to restore the balance. To recover every lost 0.5 kg you need after the game to drink 2 cups of water. Status indicator players after the game is also urine. Bright urine indicates a normal water balance of the body, and the darker the increased concentration of waste products of metabolic process and that the body needs more water to restore the water balance. Some vitamin supplements also make urine yellow (but not very dark). This is why when athletes use these supplements urine color becomes not a very reliable indicator. Under the circumstances you can assess the level of water in your body, amount and odor of urine. If the volume of urine less than usual, and if you smell ammonia, you have to drink large amount of water. Speaking about the quality of consumable liquids, it is best to drink plain water (filtered, bottled or key) and juices. Fizzy caffeine drinks, sweet tea, and alcoholic beverages will slow the recovery of the water balance of the body and recuperation after the game.

Considering the importance of saturation of the body with carbohydrates after the game, it is even more important than before the game. This is because after an intensive action for 20 minutes your muscles is especially effective metabolize carbohydrates, accumulating their stock in the form of glycogen. Don’t forget about this until the access of carbohydrates to your muscles still, it is free for 20 minutes. The faster you use it, the better – this is the General rule! A banana and 2 cups of juice during those 20 minutes will significantly add to the energy resources of your muscles. If you do not use the benefits of this period of time, the restoration of energy reserves to previous levels will be considerably longer. If in the next match, you will be held tomorrow evening, or tomorrow afternoon you will enjoy a hard workout, there is a possibility that you will not have time to bring the reserves of his energy to the same high level as in athletes, has not lost in vain those same 20 minutes of it. This will not have any value, how much food from how high in carbohydrates will eat you then, after these 20 minutes!

Very best youth coaches the fact that this is the optimal time to replenish energy reserves occurs directly after the game or workout. As soon as the players leave the arena, the coaches lose control of what I eat their Pets, but using the advantage that this gives a 20-minute period, athletes will need to eat foods high in carbohydrates right into the locker room. For this reason, these specific products and drinks, it is advisable to keep somewhere near the locker rooms. At the end of the workout or game, the first thing that make my players is replenish your energy reserves with juices or drinks containing carbohydrates, and with the help of fruit (or muffin).

Special sports drinks that represent the water in which dissolved 6-8% carbohydrates, can help the process of recovery of the water balance and the levels of carbohydrates in the body. However you should not rely on that alone sports drinks provide for recovery of athletes after a hockey game. Fruits and juices – very good choice, as they contain many beneficial nutrients, supplementing water and carbohydrates. Sports drinks are more suitable during the game, not after the fact. Clean water is also necessary to restore the water balance of the body.