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Proper breathing when Behe


To breathe correctly during the process run, it is necessary not least because that the load on the heart and blood vessels was minimal. If you breathe properly, it increases the amount of oxygen supplied to all systems and organs, and therefore increases the efficiency of the training process.

Proper breathing while running

I should note right away is the fact that respiration is a process for

each individual, therefore, in the case of each person and his technique may differ a little. However, today there are universal techniques that allow us to squeeze our body of literally all of its capabilities while minimizing costs.

Truly effective training can only be after quality, even if not a long workout. Its main purpose is nothing like training the major muscle groups to serious loads and prevent unwanted injuries. And reducing the consumption of energy via proper breathing here, as nowhere else, it is important

Typically, warm-up consists of tilting in different directions, squats, lunges, swings arms in various directions and other exercises. You should initially set to the correct rhythm of breathing. The exhalation should be done at precisely the moment when your body is in this position that his chest can easily be compressed, and breath, on the contrary, to do so, so she can decompress.

Running and breathing

In the course of exercises, which focus on flexibility, breath should be done in such position when the housing is in a slightly flexed forward. The exhalation should be performed just at the moment when the exercise ends.

Performing a variety of attacks with slopes, inhale, too, is done at the very moment when the body is straight, exhale comes at the end of this activity, when the cell is in is compressed and therefore is able to push out all air supply.

If the workout has exercises to develop strength, you need to adhere to specific breathing techniques. So the breath to do just at the moment when the minimum voltage loosen up the muscles, exhale, on the contrary, when the voltage is maximum. If pushups are done, you should breathe in the process of bending of the hands and exhale, respectively, when straightening, when your muscles are most tense.

Proper breathing while running

In the process of warm-up performed before run, you need to strictly adhere to the mandatory and important rules. It is that it is impossible to hold your breath in case the maximum voltage. The delay will inevitably lead to oxygen starvation, even for a short period, which, in turn, will lead to a sharp increase of blood pressure.

In the process of running to monitor the breathing process difficult, but also very important since Jogging exercises are cyclic, i.e., continuous. If you compare the oxygen demand of the body during walking and at a medium speed running, it will differ in tens times. You should try not to be distracted from breathing techniques, to strive for, that it was agreed in rhythm with the body. Otherwise there will be a lack of coordination of movements, oxygen starvation and deterioration of breathing. The only reason would be inadequate ventilation of the lungs.

If running is not particularly fast, it is recommended to breathe to inhale and exhale approximately your every 3-4 steps. If you air not enough, the number of steps should be reduced to the pair. We must try to listen to the beacons of his body, don’t be afraid to experiment a little. And then you must succeed to control your breathing process, moreover, to breathe in rhythm with the running. Then this will happen automatically.

If it comes to sprint cross-country exercises, which are characterized by high rate, oxygen demand will increase in tens times, consequently, control your breathing will be much more difficult.

Proper breathing while running

Breathing techniques for such a case does not exist, because light cannot cover even 40% of the total needs of the body. Each person independently should try to choose the respiratory pace that suits him.

Need to breathe through the bottom of her belly, or diaphragm, but not the top of the hull, that is, not the chest. Thus, it is necessary to learn to breathe while walking, and it’s a few leaves on the first try. This type of breathing is injected into running gradually.

The breath must be as quiet, smooth, and the focus is more on the exhale, not the inhale. You should try to squeeze out of the chest all the air, thus improving the ventilation of lung cavities.

Correct is such a breath when the lungs are filled only at 40-45%. However, it is not possible to determine the exact volume of the chest, so to speak, on the eyes, but you can appreciate this characteristic in the degree of its expansion. In the process of running when his average pace, the expansion should be at the level of 1/3 of the possible.

For a long time there is a dispute about whether to breathe through the nose while running or not. Will definitely breathe better through the nose, but if you can’t, it is possible to alternate breaths with exhalations through the nose and mouth.

To breathe through the nose primarily recommended when Jogging, doing exercise outdoors. In this case, entering the inside of the body a mixture of gases is cleaned at least against dust and microorganisms, as well as some other substances that can harm us. Mouth breathing can clear the air, because all harmful substances are deposited inside and penetrate into the trachea and into the bronchi. Besides, the air is not heated, and it entails a subcooling of our respiratory tract. The result is the emergence of infectious or colds.

However, it is not enough just to strictly observe the breathing technique, you also need to do different exercises that will develop the diaphragm to improve breathing control. They seem separate from the physical, and therefore are selected by the individual.

How to breathe correctly while running

Breathing is the basis of any physical exercise, because depending on whether it is organized, and will depend on the physical capabilities of the human body. As a result, it is possible to note such important nuances:

Each person chooses a breathing interval individually

Breathing should be through the nose, occasionally, of necessity, alternating with mouth breathing

Correct breathing technique should be observed not only in the process of running, but when you perform the workout

Light should not be completely filled with the air, no more than 40-45%

Exhale air, one should fully, it is necessary for better ventilation

Don’t need to hold the air in the lungs, otherwise it will be oxygen starvation

To breathe very often harmful

Correctly selected breathing techniques can increase the reserve of your external respiration by 5-8% per year, which can be considered a good indicator, especially given the fact that every year after the age of 30, every year we lose 1-2% of this reserve.

In the winter, the process is running, you need to protect the throat, preventing hypothermia, otherwise there is a cold. You need to keep your tongue in that position, now if you say the letter “l”. Not be amiss and easy to wrap a scarf around the neck.

If you do, then you can breathe simultaneously through the mouth and nose. This technique allows you to speed up the delivery into the lungs and organs of oxygen.