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How to be a man Six home recommendations


Our masculine qualities depend on the content of the testosterone in the body. Doctors believe that the norm should be from 300 to 1000 nanograms per deciliter. But after forty years the level of the male hormone slowly but steadily decreases to about two percent annually.

Than it threatens? Not only decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction. To these well-known effects of testosterone deficiency should be added to the reduced mass of bones and muscles, as well as the deterioration of cognitive abilities.

In the presence of these symptoms should consult a endocrinologist for analysis. If the concentrations of the hormone will be below normal, the doctor will prescribe treatment. But in borderline cases, when the reduction is insignificant, may help home remedies, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by the research.

1. Fats

Specialists of the Laboratory studies from the University in Connecticut claim that to maintain a healthy testosterone level a man should get from fat 35-40% of energy. And the decline in the share of below 10% is the right way to a substantial decrease in the amount of testosterone in the body.

Not all fats are equally useful or harmful. For the heart is better if the calories come from monounsaturated fats and fatty acids of the omega-3. Their sources include nuts, olive, canola and peanut butter, fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna.

2. Protein

essential for maintaining and building muscle and burning fat.

Followers of the vegetarian diet believe that vegetable protein can replace animal. But research shows that replacing defective from the point of view of maintaining the testosterone in the body. Low-protein diet leads to lower hormone levels, and athletes eating meat and fish its level is higher than peers, limited dairy products and eggs.

To ensure that the contents of testosterone remained within the norm, be sure to include in your diet lean meats and fatty fish.

3. Calories

Nowadays it is fashionable to count calories entering the body with food, believing them responsible for the extra weight and guide them into trouble. But reducing caloric intake leads to lower levels of testosterone.

4. Alcohol

the enemy of men. It inhibits the synthesis of testosterone in the body. It is proved that an experiment conducted at new York medical College. Even quite moderate doses of alcohol taken daily, significantly reduces the level of testosterone in the blood. To remain a man, it is necessary to refuse alcohol, or at least sharply limit its use.

5. Exercise

It is well known that moderate exercise is necessary. But to maintain the level of the male hormone not useful all the exercises. For example, a heavy load, such as running long distances, reduces the level of testosterone.

On the contrary, weightlifting stimulates the production of the hormone necessary to build muscle. Should not be limited to individual muscles. The more muscle groups engaged in the workout, the higher its efficiency.

6. Sleep

According to Israeli scientists, the level of testosterone decreases with sleep disorders, especially when you interrupt it fast stage. Adherence to sleep hygiene is not just to help sleep and fresh to go to work, but also support the testosterone level to the desired level.