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Nordic walking. The secrets of famous coaches


Anastasia Poletaeva – founder and Manager of Russia’s first professional School of Nordic walking, the center of conscious movement and developing tourism Poletaeva & Co, as well as the Moscow school of Pilates “body Line”. In addition, she is a certified coach of the London centre of The

International Coaching Alliance Limited, a professional Wellness coach (Nordic) walking, body-oriented psychologist, member of the Association of dance movement therapy and graduate Institute of practical psychology and psychoanalysis on specialization “Creative dance and developmental movement.

Nastya interested in philosophy, psychosomatic, musculoskeletal practices. More than ten years of practicing Nordic walking and Pilates.

In the School of Nordic walking author conducts individual and group sessions, including the training of trainers and training of trainers. Nastya is a recognized expert in the field of health movement and author of more than ten unique motor programs for different categories of customers, including stroke and major operation.

Anastasia Poletaeva – author of the book “Nordic walking. Health light step”[1]. participant of numerous conferences on medicine, health and rehabilitation, as well as invited expert in many publications devoted to beauty and health. Columnist in several magazines and her own


Moving – storage life.


I am often asked what role in my life plays Nordic walking. I have been Nordic walking for almost ten years. Five years ago opened the first in Russia professional School Nordic walking, where we not only offer individual and group lessons for all comers, but also engaged in outreach programmes and vocational training instructors for Nordic walking. During the work our School has achieved great success and contributed greatly to the promotion and development in Russia Nordic walking – the most democratic and accessible form of fitness.

Hand on heart, I can say that for me, walking with sticks is not just a hobby that became a profession (as it is now fashionable to say). For me, movement and fitness is an integral part of life. Nordic walking is an important element of my philosophy of a happy, successful, and quality of life.

Movement is a big thing for humans, such as water, air or food. Doing a walk almost every day, I, as a foodie, enjoy physical process. Nordic walking gives me a sense of integrity and allows you to be in harmony with the body. I experience the joy of movement and happy such a simple and accessible way to monitor their health, manage emotions, and to renew his own youth and longevity.

The more pleasure I get from knowing that my job brings benefits to other people. Over the years to our School was approached by hundreds of people, all with completely different goals and challenges. Someone could not lose those extra 5 kg, and someone was in despair from permanent health problems and was looking for any opportunity to somehow heal your body. We do not deny, and for a long time have accumulated a wealth of experience of effective application of Nordic walking for solving different problems, ranging from health and slimming and ending with rehabilitation and reconstruction after a serious illness. And it is this experience I want to share with you.

This book will be a continuation of my first “Nordic walking. Health easy step”. Now, we also touch on a lot of theoretical and practical issues, including the technique of walking and different kinds of trainings. Here you will find a lot of useful exercises with descriptions, recommendations on proper selection of shoes and equipment, as well as various tips. I will reveal to you the secrets and tell stories from my professional activities.

However, the main goal of this book is somewhat broader. First, to help the reader to find the motivation to move (push, which will cause “off the couch”). Secondly, to convince people of the importance of understanding your own body and its needs.

After all, we are all born with a very strong relationship between body and soul, which, unfortunately, is destroyed due to a passive lifestyle, and the many “benefits” of modern civilization. Most of our diseases do not occur randomly, but usually are the result of a violation of this natural connection. No diplomas and money can’t help be happy if the body lives its own life. Nordic walking – the most simple, affordable and effective way to achieve harmony of personality and learn how to fully enjoy life, enjoying each day and proud of his willpower healthy and beautiful body. After reading the book don’t put it on the shelf, and take sticks, go to the nearest Park and start to move. Believe me, the result will not keep itself waiting.

I appreciate your stories. Send them to [email protected], or share on our page in Facebook “School of Nordic walking.

Your Anastasia Poletaeva


Dear friends!

Thank you for your many responses to my first book “Nordic walking. Health easy step”. I really appreciate your feedback and glad that the book was really interesting, informative and useful.

Thanks to your support and appreciation of my first job, we decided to write a sequel. In writing this book helped me and shared their experience of the School instructors of Nordic walking Irina Vdovina, Elena Axenovich, Stanislav Rulev, Daniil Gushchin. Thank you to our wonderful photographers Anton and Irina Ermakova Helm, whose photos were illustrations and decoration books.

Thank all customers and friends who believe in me and my business.

And special thanks to Ekaterina Rusakova. She is my constant Advisor and assistant when creating books.

Chapter 1

The body in the form

The body is a complex system

And this is a perfect mechanism. There is no machine that could be compared to our body. Unlike any artificial mechanism our body is formed and grows quite independently, maintaining a constant exchange with the environment, from which he receives all that he needs for living, and quickly adapting to the constant changes happening around him.

The human body is formed by a huge number of cells – the basic structural units of all living things. Cells – the smallest living particles. Some organisms, such as bacteria, consist of a single cell. In the human body is about 60 trillion (!) cells, and each of them is involved in the biochemical processes that support our lives. Over 200 different types of cells in our body are grouped into four main types of tissues: epithelial (skin), muscle (multiple types), connective (bone and cartilage) and nervous. Different tissues of the system – the muscular, cardiovascular, etc.

The skeleton supports the body, protects internal organs, provides the ability to sit, stand, walk, run. It is also the repository of certain minerals. The blood produced in the bone marrow.