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Breathing exercises for pneumonia, and after an illness exercises

Breathing exercises for pneumonia has important therapeutic value. It improves the gas exchange in the lungs and reduces the size of the bacterial damage to the bronchial wall.

On practical experience pulmonologists have seen in the daily execution of

exercises Strelnikova accelerated the healing process of damaged tissues of the lung parenchyma.

Unfortunately, the principles of therapeutic exercises are rarely used by doctors when treating patients with pneumonia. They are difficult to use in children, but in the treatment of pneumonia in adults modern physicians should pay close attention to therapeutic exercises. The article will discuss some breathing exercises for pneumonia there is and how to apply it in practice.

Physiotherapy for pneumonia — why breathing exercises are effective

Breathing exercises for pneumonia are held simultaneously with conservative treatment.

Attention! Physiotherapy does not replace the mandatory antibiotic therapy of the disease.

Pneumonia is accompanied by the defeat of the bronchi and alveoli, leading to respiratory failure. The inflammatory process reduces the amount of functional tissue. Violation of gas exchange between the lungs and red blood cells in this situation leads to a lack of oxygen to the tissues. Hypoxia of the brain is accompanied by disruption of the functioning of almost all internal organs:

Develop congestion;

Increased frequency of respiration and circulation;

Exacerbated chronic disease;

There is brain pathology.

Breathing exercises reduce the severity of the above changes by improving gas exchange.

Why are appointed by breathing exercises Strelnikova

Exercises Strelnikova assigned to the following tasks:

Activation of blood and limonaire;

Improvement of the drainage functions of the inflammation of the lungs;

Preventing congestive changes;

Normalization of pulmonary ventilation;

Providing respiratory excursions of the diaphragm.

Gymnastics is more effective when combined with the therapeutic massage of the chest.

Breathing exercises are used not only in pneumonia, but after her permission.

Physical therapy for pneumonia – initial load

Exercise in inflammatory processes in the lung tissue is carried out according to the law, slow loads. If you do not follow its principles, can exacerbate the pathological process.

How to do exercises Strelnikova:

Respiratory gymnastics is performed for 10 minutes each day;

The procedure starts with easy charging;

Exercises with an extended breath used if excessive sputum production;

Gymnastics is assigned only after reducing intoxication phenomena, when the temperature of the body, the absence of cardiac abnormalities.

Physiotherapy (physical therapy) fails when the temperature rise above 38 degrees Celsius.

Initially, the exercises are performed in the supine position. By limiting the excursions of the chest and shortness of breath along with pain. To limit the mobility of the chest, should improve local blood circulation and accelerate lymph flow, which will facilitate rapid absorption of exudate.

Breathing exercises by Strelnikova after pneumonia

The following set of exercises is performed not only after pneumonia. It is not a load, so can be used with active pneumonia.

How to treat pneumonia gymnastics by Strelnikova:

Take supine position and relax. Respiratory rate should be 40-60 times per minute. If a higher frequency of exercise should not be;

Perform pronation and varus hands. Repeat 5-8 times in moderate tempo;

Place the hands along the body, and then raise them up. Inhale and lower the upper limb down. The number of repetitions 3-4 average;

Perform extension and flexion stop at a random breath. The exercise is done in moderate tempo;

Place the hands along the body and spread them apart. Follow the breath, and then return to the starting position;

In the prone position, place hands on his belt. Perform alternately bending the left and right leg at the knee joint. Heel slides on the bed, breathing arbitrary;

Take the starting position, lying down with legs bent at the elbow joints of the hands. Prop your head and elbows in bed. The rotten upper part of the thoracic spine. Exhale and lower yourself down. The number of repetitions and 3-4;

Place the hands along the body, and the brush squeeze in a “lock”. Raise your hands, palms up. On the exhale return to the starting position;

Bend your arms in the elbow joints. Brush must be in the shoulders. Spread to the sides of the hand. The number of repetitions – 4;

Lift up in turn at first right and then left leg. Follow the elevation at each respiratory act;

Raise your hands up and reach to the headboard. Inhale and on the exhale return to the starting position.

The rules of load increase with exercise therapy during lung inflammation

Exercise therapy for pneumonia requires a gradual increase of load. The increase in exercise intensity Strelnikova is carried out after the positive dynamics when performing the above exercises.

The total duration of the charge per day should not exceed 15 minutes, regardless of the rhythm and pace of the classes.

Exercise under load for pneumonia are selected depending on the localization of pathological changes in the lungs. If infiltrates are defined on the left (on radiographs), should strengthen the respiratory load on the left lung. They should include the alternation of exercises to strengthen the upper body with exercises for the lower extremities.

You should also conduct exercises on the gym wall, with dumbbells, madbouli, on the bench.

An illustrative list of exercise therapy with increased load:

Place your arms along the body, lying on the healthy side. First, raise up your hand (on the inhale). On the exhale you need to press on the anterior and lateral part of the chest (held Methodist);

Lie on the healthy side, on the cushion. Take a deep breath and on the exhale maximally pull the thigh towards the abdomen. In this case the chest compresses the Methodist.

The above exercises are performed 9-10 times daily for 4-5 days.

In conclusion, I would like to add that the complex of therapeutic exercises by Strelnikova also includes drainage methods. They are used to improve sputum discharge, can be applied, both in children and in adults.

Draining exercises also improve the condition of blood supply to the lesion. They are prescribed by a doctor, as existing methods serve different purposes.

What drainage methods used for pneumonia:





Thus, there is a whole list of respiratory charge, which can be used to accelerate the cure of pneumonia. Usually physiotherapy for pneumonia the doctors advise, but in practice it proves to be very effective.