How to run how to start, equipment, Jogging
  How to start running? First you need to stretch your body. Workout should be carried out immediately before you run. 10-15 minutes is enough to perform a small set…

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A healthy spine is a healthy organism
  At the IV International championship at SPA-massage, which was held in Moscow, representatives from Lithuania, massage therapist from Druskininkai Regina Branickaya and super-model Egle Roxrite (aka marketing Director at…

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How to choose a trainer for doma


Rare people today refuse treadmill to buy and do at home, if he has the chance. About the importance of sports in our life knows everyone, and we all strive to be healthy and beautiful. However, not everyone can allocate in its schedule time for workouts in the gym. Because precious minutes have to spend not only on the activity itself, but also on the road. By the way, it takes too much time and effort. This becomes one of the main reasons why people refuse to go to the gym.

Of course, you can do the old-fashioned way at the stadium. However, not all far from the house is the stadium. Run the same on the streets are not always safe. Interfere with can and vehicles, and pedestrians. In addition, health will not add and polluted air.

The real solution to this problem steel home equipment. They help modern people to keep in shape. Such equipment can be installed even in a small city apartment. Exercise equipment of home style light and compact. As for electric treadmill, she still has a foldable design. This allows you to hide the trainer after class.

A huge boost of energy for the whole day can be obtained by a morning jog and taking a contrast shower. After this awakening any sea knee-deep, any business will be on the shoulder. Experts say that people who exercise regularly, the productivity is much higher. They are less tired and more time to do. These people have success at work and in personal life.

If you decide to join the ranks of healthy, happy and successful and treadmill to buy for home, you must pay attention to the many nuances, before settling on a particular model. The most important parameter that fully characterizes the treadmill, permanent motor power. This figure should not be less than 2-2,5 HP otherwise electric treadmill very quickly fail, as this equipment is not designed for an intense workout. It is intended for athletic walking or easy Jogging. This is ideal for older people who are contraindicated load.

Very important and the maximum weight of the user. It is often home equipment rated not more than 80-100 kg. unfortunately, not all people is ideal. Better to take a more solid training simulator, 120 lbs. Then it is suitable for training all members of your family. Also, you will not worry that the friend that drove for a couple of days to stay, smash favorite sports equipment. He can safely do on your treadmill.

And the last thing you should pay attention to, if you choose a treadmill to buy. – the size of the walking belt. It should not be less than 43×120 see otherwise, the training may not take place.

Moreover, you should pay attention to the set of programs and additional functions. They will make your workout a pleasure.