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Healthy lifestyle – good nutrition and sufficient physical activity


“If a person takes care of their health, it is difficult to find a doctor who would know better good for his health than he is.” Socrates

The basics of a healthy lifestyle

Why is it necessary?

A healthy lifestyle is the only lifestyle that allows us to feel good,

living in a big city, with its adverse environmental and unavoidable stressful situations.

A healthy lifestyle is what allows us to live to a ripe old age and, thus, to maintain the activity and good health. Yes, that’s right. In our body carries a huge margin! But, if your health be treated lightly, this stock could quickly dry up. Much of what is written on this site are based on my personal experience.

Now, in my 50 years, I feel much better than the felt 40. And regret to 40 years led a very healthy lifestyle, thus, managed to assemble a “bouquet” of serious diseases that the doctors were horrified.

All of us want to stay longer young and beautiful. But our beauty and youth, directly connected with our health. The stronger the health, the longer we can stay beautiful.

Health also depends on the lifestyle that we lead. To maintain good health, especially living in a big city, and helps a healthy lifestyle .

What is the “healthy lifestyle”?

So there it is, a healthy lifestyle? What is included in this concept? Let’s try to understand. To start to define the basic components of a healthy lifestyle. First, it is rational, proper, healthy diet. Why healthy food, I put first? Because proper nutrition is the Foundation of our health.

Our body for its proper functioning, in constant need of various macro – and micronutrients. Many of them are irreplaceable. Our body is a high-tech chemical laboratory. Many of the components necessary for normal functioning of all organs, it can synthesize itself.

But there are some trace elements that he himself is unable to synthesize. These components include, in particular, vitamins. The vitamins we get, mostly with food. Therefore, a healthy diet should include, on a mandatory basis, the required amount of vitamins and minerals.

The power of modern urban dweller a high content of vitamins is no different. Quite the contrary. Nutritionists say a catastrophic shortage, in modern nutrition, natural vitamins, and minerals. I say, it is, natural or natural. No “multivitamins” will not replace those vitamins that we get from natural products.

Leading nutritionists are concerned about the sharp decline in our diet natural dietary fibers (cellulose, cellulose, etc.) so Our diet consists of soft, fatty, refined foods. Such food leads to the breakdown of our digestive system. Our body requires a coarse, unrefined foods enriched with fiber. It’s vegetables, fruits, cereals and legumes, all kinds of greens.

That is what requires our stomach, and not “burgers” and industrial intermediates. It is not the products, but, at best, only their surrogates. Not one of those products was ation power of our ancestors. Not to that kind of food our body has adapted many millennia.

The transition to a healthy lifestyle in the first place . implies the transition to a healthier food. The nature has created for us a huge number of tasty and healthy for our body products. Don’t need to replace them with all sorts of surrogates. Hippocrates said, “food should be our medicine and your medicine be your food”.

Second . no less important component of a healthy lifestyle is physical activity . Lack of movement (physical inactivity) is one of the main reasons (along with malnutrition) a sharp increase in the number of cardiovascular diseases. We just have to move more. Definitely need to find time for physical training and sports. This is especially true for people living in big cities.

Practically everyone today has his own car. With the increasing number of cars in our country, people are much less started to walk. This, then, was affected by the increase in the number of heart diseases, diabetes and many people with overweight. Low locomotor activity significantly worse effect on our health than unfavorable environmental conditions.

When sufficient muscle activity and healthy eating, our body is able to uchimata from many harmful substances (toxins, salts of heavy metals, toxins, etc.) But muscles have to work and test the load to drive the blood through the blood vessels and deliver all of our bodies are all necessary for this “cleaning” components, and supply them with oxygen, which in our polluted air is so lacking. At the same lack of physical activity, our body loses the ability to purify even from the products of their vital functions. In addition, the lack of movement has a negative impact on our heart and on blood vessels. Any, even the most simple physical exercise benefit our bodies.

A simple “warm-up” forces the blood to circulate, to reach all the small capillaries. This will improve your metabolism . Jogging and walking in the Park, will greatly benefit. Any movement is a movement toward health and longevity, the movement towards a healthy lifestyle.

In no way incompatible with a healthy lifestyle, our bad habits. Habits, such as Smoking, alcohol abuse, gluttony. First of all, negatively affects our health, of course, Smoking. Taken, for some reason, a lot of talk about the dangers of nicotine and the adverse effects of tobacco smoke on the lungs. But nicotine is not the harmful component of tobacco smoke. I saw with my own eyes, lungs of a smoker. Two, poured resin “brick”. It is unclear how this man was even breathing. Heavy smokers, first of all, create all the cells of your body oxygen blockade”.

Smoking has a negative impact, on all of our bodies. In addition to light, suffers from Smoking our digestive system. Tobacco smoke interferes with the normal absorption of vitamins and other necessary minerals. All smokers have impaired metabolism. Have you ever noticed that heavy smokers or too skinny or too fat people. No Smoking, no alcohol abuse, no gluttony, not compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

To summarize. What is a “healthy lifestyle”? A healthy lifestyle is:

healthy nutrition . with lots of fiber . natural vitamins and minerals (only natural products: cereals and legumes, a variety of vegetables and fruits, fresh herbs);

sufficient physical activity and exercise (mandatory Hiking and exercise);

complete rejection of bad habits

&nbsp &nbsp the Habit of a healthy lifestyle is the beauty, and youth, health and longevity, happy old age without osteoporosis, heart attacks and strokes.