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Health breathing exercises


Health breathing exercises is a system of special exercises. Resorting to the exercises, you can train your respiratory muscles. In the case of a competent and regular exercises, which offers Wellness breathing exercises, comes back to normal mechanism of gas exchange in the body, and this makes possible the extension of the energy powers of the body and increases physical performance of a person. For this reason those who are actively involved in sports, would be incredibly useful to explore in more detail the

basics of the breathing exercises.

Specialized systems breathing exercises (breathing exercises Wellness) appeared in ancient China, India, Greece. At the present time, breathing exercises are regarded as the most powerful tools for healing the body. Developed a variety of techniques this gymnastics that allow you to train certain elements of the respiratory system, and thus to increase the reserve capacity of breathing.

These recovery methods allow to strengthen the respiratory muscles and the diaphragm, to improve the functioning of the internal organs located in the abdominal cavity will lead to normal functioning of the respiratory and cardiovascular system. Except that, with the help of exercises that offers Wellness breathing exercises, you can influence the excitability of the nervous system. One of the goals of this gymnastics is the increase in the provision provision of oxygen. Regular exercise contributes to a better saturation of the tissues, in this case the operation systems of breathing and circulation becomes more economical.

The basis of training performs the directional control of the muscles, which ensures the process of breathing. The greatest difficulties arise in the process of monitoring the movements. With the help of controlled management of the respiratory muscles during specialized training produces three-phase full breath, which consists of the following stages: breath; pause; inhale.

The first phase is performed through the nasal cavity under the condition of complete relaxation of the respiratory muscles of the chest and diaphragm. In this case, the expiration in any case should not be pursued to the limit. The second phase is an essential part of Wellness breathing exercises, and the pause should be natural and comfortable. The third phase is carried out automatically through the nose, virtually silent. For those people who wish to engage in breathing exercises are incredibly important to learn to focus their own attention. With proper breathing shoulders should be definitely fixed, in the process of inhalation of the lower edge of the ribs are moved apart in consequence of which there is an increase in the volume of the thorax.

In the first place, exercise gas exchange of the body is the process of volitional control our breathing movements. In addition, for the implementation of training data, based on what Wellness breathing exercises, you can apply this technique like breathing through a tube of a certain diameter and variable length, which gives an opportunity to form “dead” space. In the case of breathing through this tube the incoming air (oxygen concentration is 21%) is diluted due to residual air present in the lungs and through the air dead space oxygen concentration which is 15%. Thus, the level of oxygen in the alveoli is reduced, and therefore, the content of carbon dioxide increases. These changes have a marked beneficial effect on the respiratory system of a person. To implement this workout should buy dvigausciesya each other tubes, length of tubes can be arbitrarily changed (thus changing and the amount of “dead” space). Exercises with the use of this equipment must be performed in a sitting position, and initial length of the tube should be selected subsequent to the implementation of the respiration had not experienced any difficulties. To breathe through the tube gently, and without tension, as required by the respiratory health gymnastics, but is not responsible for any willpower. While training for breathing exercises should not be more than five minutes, and the number of repetitions of this procedure no more than two. Everyday increasing the duration of the exercise for a few minutes and gradually increasing the length of the tube thereby increasing the amount of “dead” space at the end of three months, the duration of exercise should be brought to half an hour.

It should be added that training of the respiratory system through the tube acts as a simple, but effective and safe method for the improvement of the General condition. These exercises (respiratory health gymnastics) can be safely performed in the home, but should closely monitor the health. The difficulties in the implementation process of the respiratory movements exercise must be suspended until the restoration of full breathing, and after a little to reduce the length of the tube.

With the exception of the health effects, breathing exercises helps to form a good diction. Generated during the training phase the breath with focus on improving diction needs special concentration on the uniformity and duration of the exhalation.

With the help of specialized trainings that Wellness offers breathing exercises, you can greatly extend the body’s ability to use a portable blood oxygen, and this is the best way increases the energy potential of the organism, promotes adaptation to stress, will ensure good health during the day.