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Engage in breathing exercises. About the benefits of oxygen starvation

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Breathing exercises are different

There are several types of breathing exercises, which are based on different principles:

• Strelnikova method is a kind of massage by breathing all systems, organs and muscles because of the intensity of breaths, their rhythm and

adherence to exercise

• breathing exercises “Bodyflex” Americans Greer Childers, the purpose of which is the enrichment of oxygen in the blood by a full exhalation (the devastation and deep breaths (fullness)

• East respiratory gymnastics . based on the philosophy of the inseparable connection of mind and body, and all the techniques are based on testing of energy along the meridians and channels.

And yet there are several techniques based on the General principle of “oxygen starvation”.

The principle of oxygen starvation

The principle of oxygen starvation is a kind of shock therapy, and dousing with cold water or starvation, when the body with the shake make “cling to life” at any cost. Only oxygen starvation valuable also because the lack of oxygen and the source of life for every cell in the body, so unbearable that the body immediately begins the salvation-healing. Experiencing oxygen starvation, our body begins to get rid of unnecessary, unhealthy cells, replacing them with healthy, up to self-destruct, as absolutely unnecessary, cancer cells.

On the principle of oxygen based, at least 3 techniques:

• the Buteyko breathing – shallow breathing system with the use of a whole range of breathing exercises

• breath according to Frolov – method for the activation of cellular respiration by using a special tank, where it gradually decreases oxygen

• the technique of breath .

Of the latter, will tell you in detail, as used it myself and know the author is a 45-year-old doctor who invented it for himself, when at the age of 20, he was dying from a rare diagnosis – degeneration of lung tissue .

The technique of “breath”

In this technique all easy as pie. It is performed without any additional devices, consists of a single exercise and you need to except yourself, even a stopwatch.

1. Inhale-exhale . Make a shallow, short and sharp inhale through the nose and then a very deep breath – so that it seems as if exhaled all the air without a trace.

2. Delay 10 . Now pinch the nose by hand (otherwise, I’m sure not resist the temptation to inhale) and delay made exhale (don’t inhale!) at 10 seconds.

Actually, everything. Paragraphs 1 and 2 alternate. The session should not be less than 10 minutes. A whole day must accumulate a minimum of 1 hour of oxygen starvation. Well, for example: 6 times 10 minutes, 4 times for 15 minutes, 3 times for 20 minutes. It all depends on how you would prefer to enter the breathing exercises in your lifestyle.

Warning: “not to breathe” by this method will be difficult. The criterion that you perform in all good faith, are such characteristics: forehead can exude the sweat, gonna make you burn earlobes, and immediately after the session unbearably want to empty your bladder.

What’s important! You have to do it every day – at least an hour and not miss a single day, at least within a month.

The effectiveness of the methodology

To the question: what health problems will help you with the technique of breath? – confident answer From anyone! From the simplest type of runny nose and colds to these “scary”, like a cancer.

Why? Yes, because thanks to this technique runs the most reliable mechanism – samovosstanavlivaemy system of our body. Accelerate metabolism, normalize impaired function, dissipate inflammatory education, eliminated organic changes and increased immunity.

Wellness trail

If you will practice this technique throughout the month, you will feel Wellness plume from practice for six months. If you have enough will power to do according to this method for 2 months, a health train will be felt throughout the year.