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Sports help to quit Smoking and not gain weight


Many smokers and smokers experience fear because of the myth of rapid weight gain after Smoking cessation and this is the first barrier to quit Smoking. They fear that the harm weight gain can be more than from curienne. This is a wrong belief often gives up on trying to quit Smoking .

Quitting Smoking – the case is important, but often difficult. Regular exercise distract you from thinking about cigarettes and not

allowed to escape for a smoke.

It will be much easier to quit Smoking if you regularly exercise, say Austrian researchers. They found that smokers who used nicotine gum or the patch and have been doing regular physical exercises, much faster and easier to quit Smoking than those who used nicotine replacement therapy and did not do any exercises.

Exercise cleanses the body of many toxic substances contained in cigarettes.

If you are worried about what will gain weight if you quit Smoking, keep in mind that exercise can burn extra calories and help you to suppress ravenous appetite, often associated with the rejection of nicotine.

How to avoid weight gain in the process of quitting Smoking .

A few tips:

Think positive and keep yourself in hand and not to succumb to temptation. Remind yourself every day how great you look after Smoking cessation. Not to throw during the holidays,vacations responsible to postpone this process for another period. Stay away from alcohol. Alcoholic drinks have many calories, dis-empower and provoke cravings for cigarettes,so it’s best to avoid alcohol. Eat at least 3 times a day, eat more whole grain products. Go to the gym,do some fitness,aerobics,callanetics.Regular exercise give a boost of energy, stimulate the muscles and help relieve stress. Spend more time outdoors, get yourself a nice new useful habit – buy a bike,roller skates,swim in the pool. Not eshte after 6 PM. Weigh yourself at least once a week. Keep a pencil and paper nearby to periodically record your weight. Thus, the extra pounds will not be “creep” quietly. At this moment there is a lot of so-called healthy snacks such as:herbal or green tea, fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt, vegetables (such as carrots and celery) they can be eaten in almost any quantity. Drink more water, water helps flush the nicotine out of your body, and this is especially useful in the first days after quitting Smoking.The water gives a feeling of fullness and helps in those moments when you want to eat.Besides water, drink skim milk, 100% fruit or vegetable juices, mineral water. Be direct, ask your family and friends to support you and not to seduce once again all sorts of Goodies and delights. Not worry and do not worry cravings will pass, but now you will be more slim,beautiful and seductive to the opposite sex! Reward yourself for quitting Smoking. Do not use as a food prize! Delay “cigarette money” to the side and spend it on themselves.

How to start studying?

If you early not engaged in fitness, consult your physician before you begin training. Start at a slow pace and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts.Try to start with at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise of moderate intensity, such as walking, several days a week. Go very sparingly and carefully, until the condition of your cardiovascular system will not come back to normal. Can do to do three 10-minute or two 15-minute series of exercises during the day.

Smoking reduces physical endurance, muscle strength and flexibility, bad for your cardiovascular system, making it harder to breathe during exercise. So it is possible that first workout you will go tight – will miss the air to tantalize shortness of breath. When faced with such obstacles, you can begin to seem that the battle for a healthy way too heavy.

However, always remember that the long term benefits that will bring you away from cigarettes, are that continue to struggle with their addiction. And exercise will certainly help you is a difficult task.

Don’t give up!The waiver of any habits, especially Smoking, is always a challenge and stress. Take charge of your life in your hands, be proud that you stopped Smoking,become healthier and overcome this harmful deadly habit.Quitting Smoking is a big step to improve Your health. Instead of worrying about the weight gain, focusareas on course as a result you will receive much more long healthy happy life. Once you finally quit, you can work towards further improvement of your body to reduce weight,to exercise regularly and eat right.