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Treadmill or elliptical trainer is that it is better to choose

A treadmill is not the only option for home gyms. With the function in the main house sports equipment, a great deal, and other devices. For example, as traditional options can be considered an exercise bike (see the article about the choice between a treadmill and a stationary bike ).

Another option is to buy elliptical trainer (ellipsoid).

In principle, doing any fitness-shell (or none at all – for example, just in the stadium) you can achieve excellent results both in terms of weight loss, and endurance. Cm. an article about the benefits of the treadmill. Most of the described in that publication beneficial effects apply as for an elliptical.

However, it is also clear that some people are more suited ellipsoid, and the other track. How to make a choice? What is better for you?

If you are reading this article then most likely you know what the ellipse-trainer. However, explain briefly: this is a special design with the platforms for the feet and handles which can be grasped by the hands. Feet during work describe the oval, the arms move the arm back and forth (like the motion of ski poles). Naturally, these movements are done with resistance.

And now, in fact the main issue in the article title. What is better to choose an elliptical trainer or treadmill?

Without delay, immediately give specific advice.

Thus, the ellipsoid is better to buy if:

You don’t speak the technique of running (movement for this kind of simulator is uniform, no skills required at all).

You have joint problems that require a to avoid shock loads (platform motion smooth, do not cause problems).

For you generally is a very important safety – for example, if the projectile will have access to children (as a rule, the voltage in the device is very small – so as you move it or current are not generally required).

It is important for you to save energy or to be able to do without electricity – for example, in the country (on the other hand, mechanical treadmills also not consume current).

You have a high enough motivation to practice – so you want treniruetsa and do not need additional incentives . The fact is that on the treadmill the canvas moves by itself – and you just go on it (walking is not such a bad option exercise) because you have no choice. You can forget that you’re exercising. The ellipsoid should constantly endeavour.

Now let’s approach it from the other side. Treadmill better elliptical trainer if:

You have no problems with astami and you runs pretty good.

You are going to use interval training (on the track it is easier to accurately measure the load in korotkoe intervals).

For you important additional incentives pushing for classes (see above). it should also be noted that usually run more diverse than the torsion on the ellipse and therefore more interesting, exciting.

It is important for you a large number of training programs and generally advanced the computer.

It is important for you to unused trainer didn’t take much space (usually the treadmill can be easily folded and leaned against a wall or hide in a closet so it does not interfere).

Choose and buy what suits you best!