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Skiing. Skiing has long been used in the Nordic countries. The birthplace of ski — ancient Scandinavia. In the rock paintings of Northern peoples are primitive figures of skiers, and in caves and peat bogs of Scandinavia found fossilized skis. According to the legends, walking and skiing sanctified by the gods.

The skis were born as a necessity of life of ancient nomads. For a man of modern technical civilization, suffering from immobility, malnutrition and stress. Wellness skiing has gained importance stimulator vitality of the body. Skiing and cross-country skiing is recognized as the most effective form of winter aerobic exercise, such as engage most of the muscles of the legs, arms and torso.

Thanks to the activation of large muscle mass, the body develops a high capacity for oxygen saturation. If you saved the skills of skiing, from my youth, running and skiing will give you a great opportunity to strengthen and develop the cardiovascular system, increase the body’s resistance to colds, reduce excess weight and excess fat mass. The fresh cold air — tempering is indispensable tool. The winter air is filled with ozonized oxygen that carry the life energy. Low temperatures promote more efficient absorption of oxygen by blood. Such blood significantly increases mental productivity of the brain, causing emotional lift, reduces the feeling of fatigue.

Cold air, combined with the work of most of the muscles, accelerate blood circulation. It cleanses the body of toxins, salts and cholesterol and improves metabolism and energy. The beauty of the winter forest coniferous and healing volatile will help you to gain vitality, enhance the cheerfulness, confidence in their abilities. On the track you forget about his age and minor ailments.

Check out ABC Jogging on skis.

1. Select the track to practice, appropriate to your skills of movement on skis. For beginners more convenient ready trails to the city forest. Suburban area with more difficult terrain will require the skills of climbs, descents, turns, braking, safe falling.

2. The use of ointments improve ski technique, helps good slide and saves your energy.

3. The easiest and most efficient speed on a flat surface — AC doksany the course of representing a sliding step on slightly bent legs with a light jog squat on leg and its extension, accompanied by a jolt.

4. The work of the hands must be free, as in normal walking, with removal sticks to socks ski, parallel to them, with repulsive energetic movement.

5. Learn to breathe correctly: adjust the rhythm of breathing with an even number of sliding steps (2-4 step — breath of 2-4 step — exhale). This mode is favorable for the heart.

6. When shortness of breath and unpleasant palpitations reduce speed, stop, relax your muscles, take some deep breaths.

7. When loss of balance squat and gently fall to the hip. Falling forward is dangerous!

8. Warmed moderately, to lighten their gear, but dress warmly after the walk.

9. Health benefits of ski training is possible if you practice 3 times a week for 30 min or hour and a half run of the norm on weekends.

10. Add Wellness coaching other types of aerobic exercise — Jogging. accelerated walk. observada gymnastics.