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Believe in your strength or motivation for sports


If Your life is not shining bright colors, it’s time to change something. And that can change our lives for the better, if not a sport? Chic sexy abs, firm buttocks, compliments from the opposite sex and just good spirits and excellent health. Agree, tempting!

But how to make myself get up off the couch and go to a fitness club? We will try to understand. Why laziness often prevails over the desires? Why do we sometimes turn the idea, and then go astray?

From watching us TV a stunning beauty, and say: “Come on, get over your laziness, buy sports clothes and ran to the fitness club!”

Unfortunately, very often people, who decided to change myself for the better, buy the most coveted costume and lay training “until Monday”. And on Monday there is a lot of “good” reasons to lie on the couch.

The reasons that you find it hard to tune in to sports

Exit your comfort zone

Perhaps you’ve never dealt with before a sport and now it is difficult to change my life. It seems that the fitness club You will not watch, and sports form will open the eyes of others all the flaws of the body.

Wrong timing

You can tell what time to go to work, cook dinner, do homework with children and watch a favorite movie in the weekend. Where do you find the time on a favorite?

Lack of motivation

This is the main reason, with which today we are going to fight. Of course, everyone is different, and hence the motivation is different for everyone.

The right motivation or the key to a healthy life

It should be understood that without a big goal is not to build the training process. Set a small task to move further in the right direction. The steps or tasks can be anything, everything, that once again reminds you workout or helps to record your progress.

You should by yourself or with a trainer to develop a workout program – this will help you to avoid consumer laziness and absenteeism.

You can keep a diary to record workouts and the results you should monitor the implementation, to see their own achievements and not to forget about their successes.

You should think joint exercises with friends or with a trainer – you will be emotionally to support other people.

And yet – good idea to include in the list of its objectives, participation in events (conventions, events, and other sports holidays), as the emotional charge that you get during preparations and participation, with what little can compare.

Motivation, which is associated with the future time, really gives off. And the time You will find, believe me. The fitness club offers customers a convenient schedule. Do you want to do early in the morning? No problem! You find it easier to tune in to evening workouts after work? Welcome! Invite to class the whole family though!

Each person can do what really attracts him. Fitness programs, fitness equipment, group classes and individual, a huge variety of educational activities for children – the list can be very long list, because you should not put off going to the fitness center and care about your health “until Monday”.

How not to throw a class?

• Constantly remind yourself of your motivation. Answer his questions more often: Why am I here? I strive for? What I get from these activities?

• Remember that taking care of your health above all – above meeting friends, above watching your favorite series and so on. Never invent reasons why you should forget about practice tonight. Of course, we not really talking about the immediate things – wife in the hospital, my husband came back from a long business trip or anniversary mom.

• Maintain an interest in the sport. Try to dilute classes new exercises and be interested in innovation in the sports world.

We wish You to find your motivation and enjoy healthy life.

The text was prepared by order of the fitness club World Gym Moscow

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