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Chinese gymnastics slimming


China is a very ancient country, which commences about four thousand years. And like all, has its own traditions and customs. It is known that in this country a lot of longevity. Even in old age, the Chinese, without any interventions, maintain elasticity and firmness, and youthful appearance. So what is the secret? To lift the veil of secrecy, it is possible, if you look at their supply.


Of course in China the national dish is rice. It is served in a dry powdery form, prepared on pair. It does not add salt, spices. Served usually in small plates, and eat with chopsticks. Scientists say that the rice is very rich in vitamins and minerals, eating it every day for 50g. we give the body’s daily requirement of protein. Than not the elixir of life? And if you decide to try to enter in your daily diet this product, no need to throw away a lot of money. In fuller will do the most common dinozambas.

Actually if you look closely, it will seem that in China, almost all the food is vegetarian. Take the tofu (cheese from soy), or a variety of crops. But this is very misleading. Seafood Chinese people eat in large quantities, wondrous for us the meat of a snake or larvae… let’s still about the seafood, take the same fish, which is rich in protein and calcium, shrimp, mussels. Do not reject as pork, chicken, etc.

From this, we can conclude that China found a properly balanced diet.

There are also special exercises that keeps the tone of the whole body, at us it is actively used as a method for weight loss. Yes, Yes we are talking about yoga (qigong). But some are skeptical about this kind of practice, because the smooth, slow movements differ from conventional tilts, squats, active running, which we used to use.

Yoga focuses primarily on the proper development of breathing. Try to breathe often and deeply, you will feel light headed, this reaction of the brain to the large amount of oxygen.

Light and smooth movements in yoga are very important, although at first glance it will seem that they are not, it is a profound delusion. Develop muscles, there stretching, the body seems to become weightless. It is often used for weight loss and muscle development.

And so, to start exercising, you need a large bright room, it will be good if it is not cluttered with lots of furniture. Quiet, pleasant music. Mat, this is not a fad, it is necessary for you to be focused, and your movements became crawling around the room, comfortable and, without hindering the movements of the clothes.

Position: standing with feet at shoulder level, hands press to your hips. Take a deep breath, and exhale while gradually make tilt left, hand sliding down to the ankle, the right hand remains pressed against the thigh. Again, deep breath, and raise your right hand up, not bending to the side. The face looking up. Stay in this position for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise again, only in the right side.

Position – standing, arms hang freely at your sides, shoulders pushed back. Feet keep together. We take a deep breath – exhale. Repeat the breathing exercise 3 -5 times.

Lying on your stomach, extend your arms forward in front of him. Left, straight arm stretch upward, lifting the torso. Lower. Repeat the same with right hand.

Position – standing, feet shoulder width apart, hands freely along the body. Sit down as if on a chair, my hands lift up, inhale. Returning to the starting position – exhale.

Position – sitting on the floor. Bend your knees, grasp them with your hands and press down on the breast. Start to lean back, as soon as you touch back to the floor, abruptly return to the starting position. Repeat 3 – 5 times. Then similarly unique opportunity to bend right and left.

These five exercises will help to develop good posture, stretching and purchase to lighten the mood.