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How to lose weight fast without dieting


Diet has no persistent effects on our weight. When we strictly limit ourselves in another, the body perceives this as a threat and moves to economical consumption of calories. And again even if the food starts to arrive in the right quantity – it continues for some time by inertia to work in “slow mode”. Hence the quick return of weight, which in dietetics is called the ” pendulum effect “.

This happens even with those who are following the diet begins to monitor the portion size. The only real way to lose weight is to move more and

adhere to the principles of healthy eating. And to slightly speed up the process, you can resort to some tricks.

For example, once a week to enter in the menu a new rule . The first week it may be so: in addition, you eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day. Goal next week is to not drink soda and alcohol. The next step is to eat less starchy and sweet: if you stop to eat every day for cake (500 kcal) per week you can lose 0.5 kg.

Choose those dishes that are cooked in the grill, in the oven or steamed, avoiding fried and fatty sauces. Watch your portion size.

Each of us, gradually gaining weight, absolutely convinced that you can lose weight at any moment, is wanted. Because there are many effective drugs, devices, pills, powders and drinks. How many diets, in the end, helped lose weight, we think, for many people! Only when it’s really time to start getting rid of extra pounds, comes a real understanding of the futility of those efforts.

Anyone who is reading this article can ask the question: “how many diets have you tried? How much weight and for how long? And after a grueling diet you gained extra pounds?” Unfortunately, most of you have decided to test all available methods. And only now, after the body completely refuses to submit to your whims, gaining weight even from ordinary water, it’s time for the real work.

You are one of those people who realized in time – need to lose weight correctly, without exhausting diets and strenuous exercise. After all, any diet is a shock to the system. You voluntarily subject yourself to additional stress, which will certainly affect the General health. How to lose weight without dieting? Let’s just find out where does the extra weight and who is to blame. Often it is the understanding of our own mistakes helps to deal with the situation and take timely necessary action.

Why we get fat?

Every person who wants to lose weight, have their own explanation for why he quickly gets fat and lose weight very slowly. Genetic predisposition, impaired metabolism, age, sedentary lifestyle, addicted to “sugar” and more is completely justified and understandable excuse. Actually the main reason for rapid weight gain, in most cases, is disruption of the internal balance of metabolic processes in the body (in addition to genetic predisposition).

What does this mean? To ensure correct operation of all functions of the body we are in constant need of nutrients and energy resources that come from food. After all, what is food? It is, above all, the energy for every cell of our body. Consider the food you need from this point of view. However, the uncontrolled consumption of a wide variety of products leads to the fact that instead of the required set of necessary substances we just “zakarmlivanie” the body with such number of excess fat, proteins and carbohydrates that have nowhere else to go except to create body fat. From the total amount of incoming nutrients our body selects the most necessary, and all the other “lay in reserve.

Well, if you make sure that food was present all the necessary trace elements. The balance shifts when the food is monotonous and there is more one – protein, fat or too many foods with carbohydrates. If the body lacks something, it affects the internal organs and deteriorating overall health. Therefore, if you want to lose weight without dieting, you need to start eating right and to reconsider their allegiances to their favorite food.

What is the secret to losing weight without dieting

All we need nature has put in us from birth, you only need to dispose of. However, with age, appear and accumulate habits of which we do not want or can not, be abandoned. One of these habits – tasty food. It is very difficult to voluntarily give up something delicious just because the extra piece of candy or a piece of cake too many calories, and your limit on calories for today already exhausted. Nothing terrible, soothe yourself in this situation, many people, tomorrow I will not eat. And tomorrow there is a new temptation, by which it is so difficult to pass.

Energy derived from food, a person spends on mental and physical activity, cell regeneration, to ensure the health of all internal organs, etc. Each product is energy or, in other words, it’s calories that provide us the opportunity to live. When a person receives more calories than you consume the body – he’s recovering. Accordingly, it is easy to conclude that when calories consumed is less than is spent, the person loses weight. This rule can be called a simplified answer to the question: “How to lose weight without dieting?”. The number of calories must be less than the required daily amount .