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How to relax in the workplace

In the question “how to relax?” laid mislead a person who thinks that relaxation can be brought under control. In practice, attempt to relax immediately leads to even more stress. This is well known, for example, massage therapists. This is one reason why the skills for stress management do not work at the level of making quick decisions or respond in everyday life.

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When coffee suddenly do not want it or bad at it, there is a terrible tension, anxiety: “something is wrong with me: people in the civilized world successfully use it all”. Such a person is convinced that if all the time to speak management’s language, to remember and apply everything taught in training, to observe time management, right to sell himself to the company, to generate ideas and things, then everything will be fine. That is the main thing — that the mixer is spinning and the pump is buzzing. The result is a shifter in mind, I have time management, the whole body of leadership technologies. People stress ensures that the tools are constantly worked and saw it all.

Actually time management and many other skills needed in order to relieve stress. So it’s worth the time “turn off the mixer” and ask yourself, ” do I need it? And colleagues, Department, company need? Maybe individual method will be better than recommended? Whether it hard to sell themselves?

Not a simple, but useful “to RUB my eyes” and internally to turn the situation: I need time management so that I was comfortable. If the current time management drains, spend time without him, watch yourself. Then you can make a new one. Under.

The Manager who is overloaded with responsibility for the result of the operation of the Department or company, it is important not to lose an objective vision of reality. If he’s already tired, looking for something to stimulate the brain and get to sleep without sleeping pills or wine glasses’t — it is absolutely irresponsible people. The reality is that the only person you really can’t answer that, — you choose. To act from the internal position: I work for a career, for employees, for the company — dangerous and foolish. The main character — I — turns into an object with a name tag “responsible person”. But no matter the heights man has made, it is useful to remember that he is a simple living person, prone to stress and its consequences.

People living for anyone and anything, not only for myself personally, tend to ignore the signs of stress. And what are the dangers of stress? Blackouts, weakness, loss of taste for life. The complaints that have ceased to rejoice — usually the first sign of combustion. When you’re on overload, not to delight. In any stress very much includes not only negative emotions but also the body. There is a map muscle tension & stress. Everyone knows how difficult it is to force yourself not to think about white monkey. With the body to agree in an order even more problematic. The body has “the stop-cock”, to make you relax, — it’s a disease.

The experience of my Advisory practice elementary awareness of being a living person change the perception and behavior of high responsibility. In the diary regularly begin to enter a very important thing — support himself. Take a, help — key responsible business, which just are not telegiros. At the same time one begins to see a lot of cases that actually don’t require daily attention. They can be converted to a system of trigger points: in what period of time the extent to which a particular case should track directly. This reduces the number of objects that must be kept in mind. Hence, information overload and stress (i.e. stress) occurs.

In dealing with stress people make another mistake: I started to go regularly to the gym, get on a diet with vitamins, force yourself to participate in the seminar, where they promise to raise energy, etc. That is, once again, guided by the belief “need”, trying to achieve results. And tension they certainly growing. This approach — to try to include another external control system. In this system, you as a person with needs and interests.

How to defeat negative stress? If you have a job, then do not do the work of something else. Look for the lesson to which you attract children’s curiosity alive, and a place where you feel safe and free. To relieve stress on the body level help system, which provides soft free movement and full breath (for example, qigong and gymnastics of the brain). Do not enable the stress of classes, requiring you tight control over the exact, correct execution of movements. After all, your goal in this case — not to reach professionalism, and relieve stress. So study that gives the body pleasure. In short, it is better to swim in the pool from the soul, not to circle through time.