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Breathing exercises by Strelnikova during pregnancy

Breathing exercises, known now under the name “breathing exercises Strelnikova”, or “paradoxical breathing exercises Strelnikova” was developed in the middle of the last century and at first had nothing to do with pregnancy and pregnant — it was the method to return, improving the voice, “a method for the treatment of diseases associated with loss of voice”, as written in the certificate of copyright issued to Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova in 1972.

However, even earlier, before the great Patriotic war, these exercises her

mother, Alexandra Severova Strelnikova successfully treated asthma (“Method of treatment of asthma breathing exercises” – a proposal to the Bureau of inventions of the technical Council of the Commissariat of the USSR No. 4268 dated April 29, 41G). Breathing exercises Strelnikova passed since that time a long and winding path to his fans, many of whom she saved the voice, career, health and life itself.

Exercises Strelnikova during pregnancy

Breathing exercises Strelnikova recommended during pregnancy 4-5 months for a number of reasons:

1. Gymnastics contributes to the reduction and disappearance of fatigue, depression, normalization of blood pressure (backed by research )

2. Improves the supply of oxygen, improves metabolism, reduces physical inactivity, improves the immune system.

3. Regular classes in almost 2-4 times reduce the incidence of acute respiratory infections.

4. During pregnancy, accompanied by diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive system, hypertension, asthma, tuberculosis and other can not only improve the General condition and health, but often allows you to gradually reduce dosage or refuse medication (under medical supervision)

Warnings and contraindications

As paradoxical breathing exercises Strelnikova is basically (according to documents) means for the treatment of diseases associated with the voice and respiratory system, studies of its effectiveness was conducted mainly in specialized institutions (at the Central research Institute for tuberculosis RAMS, Clinical-diagnostic center of city children’s polyclinic №69 G. Moscow, etc), and relate for the most part the treatment and recovery process in tuberculosis, asthma, pneumonia, dystonia, vasomotor rhinitis, etc.

Identified contraindications — hemorrhage, acute thrombophlebitis, acute febrile state. For pregnant women there are restrictions on the number of exercises. For example, in the activity “Embrace your shoulders” starting from the sixth month it is not recommended to tilt the head back, the exercise is done by hand only, it is not necessary to raise high knee in the exercise “step Forward”.