Adaptation of the heart to physical activity - Especially the hearts of the athletes - Features heart
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Body-ballet - for women who love and respect themselves
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Fitness Bodybuilding


The word fitness is derived from the English “to fit”, which in turn means to meet or to be in good shape. Today, fitness is not just a gym, it a lifestyle that allows you to enjoy your figure and build.

According to a popular resource Wikipedia: fitness is the overall physical fitness of a person. Speaking with the Russian reader is more familiar word exercise but don’t present its analogue and the prototype of the Soviet era. In that era physical exercise was one of complete different nature, and in fact, this was the first emergence of fitness on the

continent. Today we came to replace the beautiful word “fitness”, however, the participants of this movement was much less. Why? Unknown, but instead of looking for blame, we will give you extensive information about this sport, and then maybe several dozens, if not hundreds, of people will be on the right path.

Overall fitness, and physical education, has one goal – the development of five physical qualities:

– force;

– agility;

– endurance;

– flexibility;

– constructionof the figure.

It is worth noting that such a uniform improvement of motor skills has fitness, and newfangled crossfit. The same bodyfitness bodybuilding or focuses on a few aspects. Versatility – that’s what makes fitness among other strength sports. Unfortunately, these days the media and the Internet contribute to the emergence of incredible stereotypes that the sport loses much of its audience.

There are cases when the beautiful half of humanity does not want to start to do fitness, afraid to develop your muscle mass or simply to become courageous. The media for some reason is not considered duty to highlight one important aspect: the girls practically no main male hormone is testosterone that is responsible for the acquisition of muscle volume and mass in General. The presence of physical exercises, even impossible with large weights will not make you manly, as the muscles will not grow, and become more toned.

Take a look at fitness models and models from the world of fashion. Ask all of their friends are male. We assure you that they prefer feminine sportiness than anorexia in her underwear. It is believed that the girl needs to look thin. Actually it is a stereotype. Any person, regardless of gender and age must have a toned and certainly not lean figure.

Unfortunately, many beginners in fitnessista throw passion halfway. The reasons can be a lot them: the lack of progress and, as a result of motivation, poor conditions, poor willpower, lack of time, etc. But all this is essentially just excuses, because as Bulgakov said: “have Time for everything if one is in a hurry”. Believe me, not only you have a busy schedule and various household things. We are all human.

To become part of the fitness industry need to learn to get pleasure from this hobby, and then it will definitely become a way of life. You know, we live only once, and only once, live it with no sense of pride in themselves, for their psychological and physical condition – at least silly.

Stop to see the fitness tool to obtain the coveted figure. Let it become a way of life, and results will not keep itself waiting long. Believe me, it was with many famous athletes and sportsmen. Few people know that even the great bodybuilders began his career with a simple jog in the morning.

Finally I would like to tell you about the importance of regular classes. Often girls, achieving a final result, throw fitness for 1-2 months. In the end, having lost its former shape, they again pass this way, and so on. If to talk about substance, such cyclic passion for fitness does not carry any positive aspects except visual.

Imagine the situation with Smoking. Your experience of Smoking is quite large, and then you set a goal to quit a harmful habit. Then begins a long slow retreat towards a healthy lifestyle, and that’s when you got to quit, you start Smoking again. It looks a bit silly.

Only regular fitness classes will have a positive effect and we are talking mainly about your health, and isn’t that the main thing in our lives?