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What is cycle-aerobics


Regular practice of this sport will allow people with low blood pressure get rid of his illness. Cycle-aerobics almost exactly the same as the load experienced during the passage of Cycling in rough terrain.

Before school starts, ideally, would be nice to visit the medical facility where you can pass the test of fitness. Based on the results of the test will be issued a notice for admission in the desired group.

Generally, there are three types of classes:

SPIN BEGIN allows beginners to master the necessary Cycling equipment;

SPIN FORCE available for people who already held initial physical training. Its main objective is the development of strength training and muscle tone.

INTER SPIN suitable for people with different levels of fitness. It will be very relevant for those wishing to train the cardiovascular system in the interval loads.

Most often groups are formed from people with a qualification at the same level, although there are cases of mixed groups. Such mixed groups are divided into strong and weak teams. Usually, the training and workload for all parties are the same, however, in case of need allowable option for personal training.

The number of lessons per week varies from two to five. For example, if required for a short time to freshen up, you must do five classes a week. When the moment of reaching the desired shape will be enough to make a couple of aerobics classes for advanced a week. Such a schedule will help to maintain the desired results.

Varieties and directions of scale aerobics

The meaning of the first direction is to perform exercises while sitting on the bike. Another area closely simulates riding on a racing bike. The main difference between the classes is in the position of the back: in the first case definitely back is kept straight, in the second tilt of the body resembles the aerodynamic position of the rider. The magnitude of the load depending on how practice is not changed.

Beginners-just pedal and enjoy the process. The increase in the resistance exercycle block occurs at each subsequent lesson.

The class is held in two positions: sitting and standing. When performing a standing option training load gets large group of muscles.

In some types of machines have screens that display is transferred to the image area, so that the time spent on the bike, it was not only useful but also interesting.

For advanced groups, the instructor can make the program elements of aerobics, or even dancing (example in video).

What effect reaches people involved in indoor Cycling aerobics?

Workout indoor Cycling aerobics allow in the shortest possible time to get rid of excess weight. Due to the cardio, which results from an active process of digestion of fat. This process takes place in moments of rhythmic large muscle groups. Simply put, the person begins to lose weight after the first twenty minutes of class.

Lessons on the simulator are large indicators of safety and reduce the load on the joints, which could be exerted on them during the run.

The fair sex with the help of these lessons will be able to get rid of cellulite and improve the shape of the legs. Three months of training, indoor Cycling aerobics will lead to visible results.

One lesson for forty minutes is able to deliver almost 400 calories. It is important not to forget that prior to the lesson need to stretch your muscles to reduce the likelihood of stretching.


Such classes are not suitable for people with diseases of cardiovascular system, varicose veins, and if you have problems with my knee joint.

Summarizing, we can conclude that training cycle can not only improve health, but also to increase the level of muscle mass and adjust the weight.