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Galina Matejko Healthy body is not afraid of viruses


Early spring is the period of seasonal acute respiratory diseases (license plate). And this year they added more and measles. What is the epidemiological situation now in parts of the Ukraine? How to insure themselves and their children? This tells the head of the Department of pediatric infectious diseases medical University Galina Matejko.

— Galina, people panicking again that there is a new flu virus – Finnish, that hurts a lot of people, and in particular, children?

Is a kind of a seasonal virus. Seasonal incidence on the license plate did not become the threshold level, therefore to speak about the epidemic of influenza there is no reason.

— What preventive means advise from this “seasonality”?

— The most effective – not ordinary specific prevention. That is, improving the immune system: a healthy and active lifestyle, good nutrition, adequate amounts of vitamins. We also recommend probiotics, in particular, drugs such as yogurt, “Lactovit”, “laktofiltrum”. And when already in the family are sick, it can be used in the preparation of “Arbidol”. It has antiviral activity that acts on a sufficiently wide range of pathogens SARS. Have to take it twice a day, one capsule, in the course of a week. A great advantage provided to the domestic drugs of plant origin, on the basis of bioflavonoids from wild grasses – “Proteflazid”, “Monoploid”, “Flavone”.

— Folk, so-called “old wives”, methods how effective are they?

— Of course, will not harm the use of sweet smells – garlic, honey, onion. Also take vitamin teas rosehip, raspberry, viburnum, tea with lemon. We should not forget about important hygienic actions, which we often underestimate: frequent washing of hands with soap, be sure to wash a child’s face when he gets back from the street, to wash the nose and throat with 2% solution of baking soda or salt. At least 2-3 times a day.

Such nonspecific methods give good results. Often parents are afraid of high temperature and panicking when the thermometer is 38.5. But you can’t knock it, because the temperature at the license plate has a protective nature. To reduce it can only preparations that contain paracetamol. But in any case not aspirin. Though it is very popular, but people have to remember that aspirin can have serious complications.

— And what about vaccination? When to get vaccinated?

— Certainly it is the most effective prevention. Vaccinations must be pre-season and not during the epidemic. Vaccination is effective to make a perfectly healthy child or adult, then it gives adequate protection for up to five years. For example, now against seasonal virus most people use the vaccine “Influvac”. Immunologists and virologists has proved that immunity to influenza viruses cross because of their kinship. Viruses close behind the structure to each other. Therefore, vaccination against one influenza virus protects 30% from other viruses.

Galina, this year came the measles.

— Now the situation is stable. Epidemic, but the patients are admitted to hospital regional clinical infectious hospital. Today we have 47 hospitalized patients with measles. Of them 26 children. If the disease began with teenagers, now ill children of primary school age children, preschoolers and even children under one year. Measles in the first days of illness is difficult to diagnose because the symptoms are the same as in license plate. It’s a children’s infection that is transmitted by airborne droplets, but it can be managed with the implementation of regular privivanie. The peculiarity is in the fact that the incidence is increasing every 5-6 years. The disease at an early age can be treated at home, but under the supervision of a pediatrician. It is important to detect the disease in catarrhal period, when the patient is contagious. It should be isolated until the fifth day after the rash.

— What is the measles vaccine?

— There are, besides, she is also mandatory. According to the order No. 595 of 2011. And now it is included in the immunization schedule of the child. Vaccination starts in 12 months, then in six years. Now offered the vaccine to all persons up to 30 years. It may be more feasible once the outbreaks.

There is another method of prevention is the introduction of specific measles immunoglobulin. This year our pharmacy is not provided but there is a change – human immunoglobulins. They also contain enough antibodies against the measles virus. The child, who introduced the immunoglobulin not later than the fifth day after exposure to measles, will not get sick.

— How much is the vaccine?

— From 60 to 90 UAH. it all depends on the vaccine. Routine vaccination for children – free.

Among parents there is this idea that well, that the child had been ill all at an early age. Is it right?

— Of course, the logic in it. After all, measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever, rubella is a classic children’s infections. Now they have matured. In older age they are harder to run and more likely to experience complications. It is proved that vaccinated children against measles get sick less often and carry the disease easily without complications.

— What would be your prognosis? What the next virus should fear?

— Nothing to fear. More trust the doctors, listen to their advice. Regarding flu predictions known to all. This is the most changeable virus on the planet. Every year it changes its surface structure, and every 8-10 years is undergoing profound changes. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, rational to eat, play sports, be tough to consume vitamins, grandma’s recipes – the virus is not terrible.