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Useful and medicinal properties of enemas at home


The use of enemas in the home can significantly improve the efficiency of the whole complex used in each case, methods of treatment of diseases of the digestive system, to relieve the patients from the painful feelings of constipation, accumulation of gases in the intestine and other disorders, to ensure the necessary quality prepare patients for radiological, endoscopic and other research, to carry out prevention of absorption from the colon of the poison that entered the body in acute oral poisoning. Wide indications for use of enemas in everyday life make it imperative to include the tools for their implementation in the part of the home kit

every family and to learn the skills of applying this method of treatment. Staging enemas, like any other medical procedures must be carried out strictly in accordance with the recommendation of a physician. Otherwise, the adverse consequences can be unpredictable heavy. Used cleaning, siphon, medicinal and nutritious enemas.

It should be emphasized that the self-appointment of the following baths §ithout consulting a doctor is unacceptable. In this connection it is useful to note once again that uncontrolled conduct any kind of hydrotherapy is dangerous as it can lead to undesirable, and in some cases to serious consequences.

For cleaning enemas are:

— enema with warm water (40″42 °C): 1—2 l for adults and 0.5—1 l for children;

— enema with the sweet: the water need to add as much boiled white soap (better baby, lanolin, velvet, etc.) to water opalestiruet; used for prolonged constipation;

— enema with salt: in water, add salt (2 tsp salt to 1 liter of water; it is good to dissolve), used in solid Calais;

— enema with oil: before the procedure in water add 1/2 Cup table (sunflower, corn, olive, etc.) or linseed oil or fatty warmed paraffin, mix well and doing an enema; used especially for habitual constipation;

— enema with laxative salt: in water add salt Barbara, carlsbad, vinegar, English (magnesium sulphate) or another laxative salt in an amount of 1—1.5 tbsp per 1 liter of water (unless your doctor will give other recommendations); the salt is first dissolved in small quantity of hot water, then poured into water, made for enemas, and mix well; is a reliable remedy for habitual constipation;

— an enema of vinegar with salt: 1/2 liter of water 1 tsp of salt and 1 tbsp vinegar; is a very highly effective tool used in long-term chronic constipation in patients with severely reduced motor activity of the intestine;

— enema from Sepia: 1 tbsp. of dried Senna leaves pour boiling water (1 Cup), cover, leave for 10 minutes, strain and add to the enema, exhibits a very strong emptying the intestine;

— enema of chamomile: chamomile brew, Senna leaves, and add to the enema; tendering;

— enema with alum: 50 grams of alum dissolved in 1 liter of warm water; medium, good acting when gas excretion.

Small cleansing enema (150–250 ml) used to soften the feces (vegetable oil with glycerol) or to facilitate removal of gases (glycerol). Enemas from vegetable oil is also used after surgery for hemorrhoids or after suturing the perineum to facilitate the promotion of stool and soften it. Small enemas should be done so that the patient is detained in the body substances introduced within 30–120 minutes, then if need be do a regular enema of water or water with soap.

Small cleansing enema are:

— enema from vegetable oils or liquid paraffin, heated to 40 °C; the amount of 150–200 g; a softening effect.

— an enema of glycerine: 60 ml of glycerol with 120 ml of water, warmed to 40 °C; softens stool and eases the discharge of gases;

— an enema of turpentine: 1—2 tsp of turpentine 180—200 g of vegetable oil; promotes discharge of gases; the turpentine is highly irritating to the mucous membranes of the gut, so its use in pure form in any case impossible.

Necessary accessories for the enemas are:

1) a tank for liquid input, or irrigator; most often used squirt, which are glass, metal or rubber cylinder capacity from 0.75 to 1.5 l or other flat bottom, but drawn on the edge of the nipple — the tube;

2) thermometer for measuring the temperature of fluid;

3) rubber tube, a conducting liquid; it should be thick, with a length of about 1.5 m, diameter up to 1 cm and have a tap for regulating the flow of fluid in the intestine, the other end of the tube is connected with a tip;

4) intestinal tube — the tip length 8—15 cm; more convenient tips are rubber, glass and plastic; tips before consumption must be boiled;

5) buckram backing to prevent bed sores;


Liquid for enema prepared in advance.

The patient lies on left side with a toned stomach with knees to relax the abdominal muscles. If the patient cannot move, it is placed on his back. Under the buttocks substitute bedpan and put on a sheet the rubber sheet, the free edge of which is dipped into the bucket or bowl in case the patient will not retain water. In a mug Esmarch pour 1—1.5 l of water temperature 40″42 °C, pick it up and drop the tip down to release a small amount of water, together with the existing air. Fill the system, then without dropping the mug, close the valve on the rubber tube. The test is not whether the tip is broken, well smeared with vaseline and begin to enter into the rectum, previously with the left hand parted buttocks of the patient. Introduce the tip on 8–10 cm upward and forward, and then turn backward a few light rotational movements, overcoming the resistance of the muscle, locking the anus. If there are protruding folds of mucous membrane or hemorrhoids, you need to enter the tip between them, without touching them. If there are obstacles—the tube rests on the intestinal wall or fecal stone, it is necessary to remove it in 1—2 cm and open the tap. Mug Esmarch raise to a height of 1 m, and the water under pressure enters into the intestine.

With occlusion of the tip of fecal masses it is removed, cleaned and injected again. Sometimes stool can be so hard to put an enema fails. In such cases it is necessary to remove the feces from the rectum with your finger, after putting on a rubber glove, lubricated with vaseline.

In the presence of gases and the appearance of a patient’s feelings of expansion must immediately put the mug below the bed and after flatus again gradually raise it.

Leaving at the bottom of a mug Esmarch some water into the intestine to hit the air, close the valve, regulating the flow of fluid, and rotational movements gradually remove the tip.

It is desirable that the patient retains enough water for 10 min. To do this, he must lie on his back and breathe deeply. After the procedure, a mug Esmarch washed, wiped dry and covered with gauze or towel.

In the formulation of cleansing enemas to make sure that not simultaneously introduced a large amount of fluid. If after the enema bowel is not empty, then it can be repeated after a few hours, until complete emptying of the bowel.

Therapeutic (medicinal) enemas are used in cases where the drug substance through the mouth is not possible or is contraindicated to enter. Medicinal enemas are divided into enemas local and General action. The former is applied to reduce irritation, inflammation in the colon, with erosions and ulcerations in the rectum. The second pre-

administrated drugs in the body.

30 minutes before injection of drugs into the intestine put a cleansing enema. The content of the medicinal enemas should not exceed 50—100 ml and must be heated up to 38″40 °C. Medicinal enemas administered from rubber balloon (Turkey Baster) with a capacity of 50–200 ml using a large syringe, put on rubber catheter, which is introduced into the rectum, or through a syringe Janet with a rubber catheter. All the tools before starting the procedure must be well boiled. The end of a rubber tube (catheter tip, etc.) should be well lubricated with vaseline.

The enemas are used to inject into the rectum therapeutic agents in very small quantities, ranging from a few millilitres. In the syringe, put on a soft, thin catheter, covering the tip of the syringe close. 30—40 min to microclysters put a cleansing enema. Then, when the position of the patient on the side injected lubricated with glycerin or vaseline picked up the syringe to the catheter. Holding the loose end with your left hand, insert the right tip of the syringe filled with the desired solution, and slowly squeeze the solution into the catheter. Further, holding—compressing the outer end of the catheter, to prevent the reverse flow of the liquid without removing it from the intestines, carefully removed the syringe, nasasyvaût in the air, again inserted into the catheter and to push the remaining liquid was purged catheter.