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How to reduce fat from buttocks use physical activity


It’s no secret that thighs and buttocks has always been considered the most problematic of the female figure. In everyday life, people rarely use the gluteus muscles. As a result of low physical activity in this area of the body begins to accumulate fat, which remove very difficult.

It is noteworthy that thin women can often be found full buttocks because fat deposits can accumulate only on this body part. In order to answer the question about how to remove fat from the buttocks, you need to deal with it comprehensively, using proven methods of struggle.

Diet to fight fat on the buttocks

No matter what part of the body deposited fat accumulation, before using the methods of fighting it, you should stop the ingestion of extra servings of fat by not eating certain foods.

In such a diet should not eat fatty meats, sweets, pastries, products of fast food, mayonnaise, fizzy drinks, butter, potatoes and alcoholic drinks.

Together with the observance of certain prohibitions should pay more attention to natural products, fruits, vegetables, fish that is to be steamed.

Sometimes you might need a complete examination, especially if the fat deposits are not only in the buttocks. Examination and correct diagnosis will help to eliminate the metabolic disturbances and diseases associated with the thyroid gland.

To get rid of fat on the buttocks with exercise

Physical strain on the right muscle group can be called the most effective method of harvesting excess fat from the buttocks. If the question is about how to remove fat under buttocks still relevant to girls, and the girl wants to become the owner of inflated nice and neat priests, it is necessary to perform regular physical exercise.

You need to try to walk at a brisk pace daily for three to five kilometers for half an hour. Be sure to use a skipping rope for jumping in many different ways. To jump on his right leg, the left, on both feet and repeat similar, minimum 15 minutes daily.

To perform the next exercise you need to stand in a Boxing stance. Legs slightly bent at the knees and are slightly wider than your shoulders, your hands clenching into fists to keep ahead of the face. Next, move the body weight from the left foot to the right, and Vice versa, from right to left, causing the kicks at your imaginary opponent. To perform this exercise every day for 10-15 minutes.

For the next exercise, which will help to remove fat from the buttocks, you must stand up straight, put your hands behind your head and put your feet shoulder width apart. You need to squat 20-30 times, trying not to heel off the floor while keeping your back straight.

To perform the next exercise you need to stand in front of the chair, the chair put your hands and perform Mahi alternately legs to the side. Each leg this exercise you must repeat 20-25 times. And you can just stand up straight, putting his hands on his belt, bend the right leg at the knee at 90 degrees and your left foot try to pull back. After returning to the starting position, reversing the legs, the exercise must be repeated 15-20 times.

For other exercises you need to sit on the floor and raise legs widely, and the arms should straighten it along the body. The lower back need to raise and lower 20-30 times in one without touching on the floor with buttocks. You can then lie on the floor, bend at the knees and straighten your arms along your entire body, not touching the floor with your buttocks, you need 20-30 times to lower and raise them as high as possible off the floor.

Wrap and massage

If the problem is fat on the buttocks not seem significant or the person just doesn’t like physical exertion, remove fat using body wraps and massages. You can use different types of these procedures, comparing the effectiveness of the methods used.

Honey massage in the sauna or steam room

In order to do this massage is needed in a preheated skin of the buttocks for 10-15 minutes to RUB the honey. After thoroughly rubbing the honey wash with warm water.

Massage with silicone cupping

Must be purchased at the pharmacy special silicone jar. To begin to spread the buttocks with a layer of cosmetic oil and a jar of silicone to move the oil, not stopping and taking a jar from the body. Buttocks this method can be massaged 10-20 minutes.

Wraps to fight fat on the buttocks

Need to spread the buttocks essential oil, honey, cosmetic clay or attach to the buttocks brewed seaweed or green tea leaves. After the composition is applied, it is necessary to wrap the buttocks with plastic wrap. To keep the wrap should last 30-45 minutes. After this time you must remove the tape, and from the skin of the buttocks all the warm water rinse. It is recommended to make similar wraps in one day. As a rule, for the full course of wraps is enough to use this procedure 10-12 times.