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ANAHATA yoga Studio


The oldest method of traditional Eastern medicine. All of his techniques, even the most simple, represent a unique combination of pressing, stretching and twisting movements of the masseur, which form, as a result, complex and harmonious system of healing effects on the human body.

Thai massage combines a force on the muscles and tendons with point massage, manual therapy, and passive yoga. Deep pressure kneads the

muscles, stretches connective tissue, increases energy and blood flow, relieves stress, stimulates the internal organs, improves lymph flow, cleanses the body of toxins and excess fluid.

This massage restores the overall balance of muscle groups, relieves pain, increases joint mobility, improves posture. Especially long the therapist works with the feet, as it is here where the greatest number of energy points responsible for the operation of internal organs.

Traditional Thai massage lasts from one to three hours and is performed on a special Mat lying on the floor. This massage no massage oil is used and the client throughout the session dressed in a spacious and comfortable clothes for him. Immediately after the session you may experience pain in muscles and joints, slight discomfort. These feelings pass quickly, and Your body remains in a state of balance, harmony and energy recovery. The result of traditional Thai massage is to restore internal balance, harmonization of the nervous system, often a much better recovery than in the usual form of massage, resumes normal function of internal organs. Massage will strengthen and rejuvenate Your body and massage the feet and hands is the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

The benefits of Thai massage

Improves blood circulation;

Restores the elasticity of muscle;

Improves the immune system;

Has an invigorating and stimulating effect.

Improves blood circulation and energy of the hands and feet;

Stimulates the lymphatic system;

Removes toxins from the body;

Improves the immune system;

Improves oxygen supply to the extremities;

Reduces lethargy and laxity, improves flexibility of the joints of the hands and feet;

Eliminates the dysfunction of the genitourinary system;

Restores metabolism.

Massage is contraindicated:

the major cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure;

for cancer;

in osteoporosis;

in the presence of prostheses (e.g., hip or knee);

skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, shingles (do not massage in the affected area);

during pregnancy;

it should not be too carried away by massage for varicose veins.

Foot massage:

A foot massage is also useful for those who spend their day sedentary and physically active. The benefits of massage:

ideal for relieving tension and fatigue;

improvement of blood circulation; – prevention of stagnation;

foot massage makes the skin supple and soft; – eliminating muscle tension.

This is a great relaxation exercise that feels right to everyone, without exception