Healthy lifestyle - good nutrition and sufficient physical activity
  "If a person takes care of their health, it is difficult to find a doctor who would know better good for his health than he is." Socrates The basics…

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How to develop endurance
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How to deal with allergies and meteosensitivity


In the spring with the flowers come the seasonal trouble: have an Allergy and meteosensitivity. Allergy suffers every third Russian, and the weather reacts almost half of the inhabitants of our country. How to avoid spring exacerbation?


Allergy – it is a hypersensitivity of the body to any substance. Allergy can rightly be called “the disease of the century”. Affects over 85% of the total population of the planet.

Allergy symptoms – a sudden runny nose. sneezing or watery eyes. Redness and itching of the skin can also talk about the allergies.

The reactions of people to different groups of allergens depends on the genetic characteristics of the immune system. Numerous data indicate the existence of a genetic predisposition to allergies. Parents with allergies have a higher risk of giving birth to a child with the same pathology than healthy couple.

The cause is more often poor diet and lifestyle. For example, the consumption of foods with chemicals and additives. The cause of allergies may also be a simple emotional or psychological stress. And yet: the foreign proteins contained in donor plasma and vaccines, dust (street, home, or book), pollen, spores, or mold, some drugs (penicillin), food (usually eggs, milk, wheat, soy, seafood, nuts, fruits), insect bites, animal dander, discharge home mite, latex, chemical cleaners.

Most often the Allergy is not treated. Usually it comes down to asking direct allergen, and complete isolation. That is an important prevention rather than treatment.


In addition to allergies, many of us in the spring are particularly sensitive to changes in the weather. Depending on the weather can change the feeling or mood. Affects our life not only atmospheric pressure – a drop in the impressive movement of air masses, but also other weather phenomenon. For example, changes in humidity, wind speed, temperature fluctuations and, finally, caused by Solar activity, magnetic storms.

More likely to be dependent hypertensive patients – people with high blood pressure. If forecasters expect an increase or decrease of atmospheric pressure, then they should refrain from physical exertion, try to avoid stress.

People with chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, such as bronchitis, it is important to monitor sudden low air temperatures. These changes in temperature often result in deterioration in health.

Failure of the cardiovascular system makes people very dependent upon temperature increase. It is always associated with a decrease in the air concentration of oxygen. Therefore, increasing the load on the heart muscle, which provides the body, oxygenated, blood. Magnetic storms also change the chemical reactions in the human body, causing increased blood viscosity. This, in turn, also makes it difficult to saturate the body with oxygen, causing harm to health.

To reduce the influence of adverse factors all weather-sensitive people should engage in adequate treatment in accordance with their chronic diseases, to regulate the mode of work and rest, avoid stress and try to make your life more positive emotions.

For prevention practice walks in the fresh air, moderate exercise, reduce junk food in the diet. And be healthy!

How do you feel about your health?