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How to develop endurance


I’m going Hiking on mount Kilimanjaro. “we Need to develop endurance. Best of all you now to run more», — told me the instructor “LIVE!” Alexander Mironenko, who has already managed to conquer this mountain. And here before my trip two months left, and run I managed as many as four times. The thought of the fifth run of inspiration not matter, so I decided to find out how else you can develop endurance.

How to develop endurance?

By the way, don’t think that endurance is necessary only to the extreme. You hate to think about vacations and trips because I wasn’t used to walking for 8 hours a day? Suffocate after three flights of stairs? Can’t pedal more than half an hour, although don’t feel muscle fatigue? So, you need to develop endurance of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Analyze different situations and goals.

If you need to walk a lot

You don’t do fitness, travelling by car, at work much sitting, but you have to walk a lot. How should I prepare?

Instead of running, you are unlikely to immediately decide, try to swim. Start with a slow tempo, with any style. For the first class will be enough for 600 metres, then gradually increase the distance. When comfortable, move on to interval training: 50 m in the most rapid tempo, then the same in a slow, back. Repeat this 4-5 times and the rest of the swim as you want. Train 3 times a week and start at least a month and a half until the moment when the endurance necessary to show. And best of — in three months. «Cardiomyoblast should be maintained, — said the instructor “LIVE!” T. p, — so if you are interrupted workout, for example, because of illness, start with small distances and low tempo”. If you can’t swim and don’t want to run, select any other cardio workout.

The second component of your program — a complex of simple strength exercises, which will take no more than 20 minutes. “When we walk, tired heaviest of the arches of the feet, calf muscles, front of the thigh, buttocks and lower back, ” says Alexander Mironenko. — and Their need to strengthen”. Take note of the complex for runners from Mironenko and several exercises.

Exercises for the development of endurance:

1. “Caterpillar” strengthens the arch of the foot): standing on the floor, move forward by flexion and extension of the toes.

2. “a good soldier” (the calf muscles): standing in the position of the foot together rise to demi-Pointe and stoop.

3. To the front of the thighs and buttocks: standing on one leg, a second bend and pull back a little and in this squat position for about one third of the amplitude.

All exercises do 2-3 sets, repetitions adjust themselves depending on the level of training. Do this set every time before Jogging or swimming. If this is too much for you, turn it in class a couple of weeks of cardio.

If you want to go camping

You go to the health club and consider yourself a man in good physical shape, but the upcoming load (trip) you are slightly disturbing. This, incidentally, is about me.

In this case, the schema classes is the same, but you need to consider the specifics of the upcoming load. «In training simulate a situation, that is, choose exercise, similar to what you have to do in the campaign, ” instructor “LIVE!” Leonid Zaitsev. – is Unlikely bodybuilder, even at the Olympic level, you will run with a rucksack on his back as quickly as a fighter in the army, accustomed to this on a March-throws. I go Hiking with a backpack — walk, run and do strength exercises with him, as far as possible”. To walk it is better up and down the stairs or on the treadmill with the incline.

Very original way to train endurance instructor suggested “LIVE!” Stanislav Rogachev. The Shaolin monks in China had taught him to run… with a tire for automobile wheels. In her hand, of course, to keep don’t need: tie two long ropes to the ends of the sticks and “Spragues” in this design, like a horse. A stick while running, you need to keep in front of chest, and the lid should be dragged behind you on the ground. Stretch occasionally without load, then run several times with a lid in medium tempo, rest between sets 3-4 minutes. “work out every day, — said Stas, — and leave the tire in the Park: I did when he was running, and no it did not disturb”.

If you want to learn a new sport

You are going to master skiing (snowboarding, surfing, Windsurfing, kite, wakeboard, etc.).

For starters, look for specialized programs to prepare for specific types of sports — like yoga for surfers. about which we recently wrote.

If not, get ready for everything at once. Any intense training cardiomyoblast in combination with the power load for the legs and deep muscles-stabilizers will adequately prepare you to meet any kind of sport. Take note of circuit training from Alexander Mironenko, Express fitness from Alexey Vasilenko or complex of endurance from antagonize Natalia Freudenau. And use of unstable platforms: BOSU. balance boards and others.

Approximately so, by the way, and trains my friend Sergei Firsov — caver, technoriver, mountaineer, rock climber, snowboarder and operator of extreme films in one. He uses the classic strength exercises in circuit training according to this scheme:

– each of the activities performed at a fast pace for 1 minute;

– breaks between exercises, 30 seconds each;

– in just 8 laps of exercises;

– the intervals between the circles for 3-5 minutes.

Here is a diagram of his training days:

– Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: exercises, circuit training, running or swimming;

– Wednesday, Saturday: charging, running or swimming;

– Sunday: rest.

«For the month so I can prepare for a serious expedition, — said Sergei, but it is better to start even earlier”.

For children

The child goes to a sports camp or with you on a camping trip — how to prepare?

Starting with primary school age children can already exercise endurance as well as adults, only I don’t want to. Solution: as interval training will offer the child a football, basketball or other game. Chasing a ball and rest in between — than the intervals? “Enough for 30-40 minutes three times a week — advises Leonid Zaitsev. — In principle, any child can walk and run will agree with you — only engage him really”. Thus it is suitable interesting excursions, games, or, for example, orienteering.

Incidentally, the “child” of the program I train my adult friends with whom I go on a hike. Guys running around rarely, but regularly play football twice a week. I think I’ll try all kinds of workouts, which are learned: just a couple of months time!