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  The oldest method of traditional Eastern medicine. All of his techniques, even the most simple, represent a unique combination of pressing, stretching and twisting movements of the masseur, which…

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Health breathing exercises
  Health breathing exercises is a system of special exercises. Resorting to the exercises, you can train your respiratory muscles. In the case of a competent and regular exercises, which…

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Yoga Breathing exercises


Pranayama – Yoga Breathing exercises

The breath is the manifestation of the presence of the life force or Energy in the human body. Pranayama is inherently – it is breathing exercises or breathing exercises. She is one of the most important components of the art of Yoga, its main goal is to teach people how to perceive, to understand,

accumulate, develop and demonstrate Energy.

In Sanskrit – Prana Is the Energy or Life force, Yama – control or interaction. And translate the term Pranayama is possible as the art of interaction with Energy.

There are two of the most simple and natural way to alter the state of consciousness is the power and the breath. Food and breathing – changing chemical composition of blood, blood chemistry changes in the chemical composition of the brain – the chemical composition of the brain determines the state of consciousness in which the person resides.

The positive effects of the practice of Pranayama:

1 Breathing exercise coaching and positive effect on the diaphragm. Which in turn positively affects the internal organs of the abdominal cavity.

2 lung Development – research shows that the volume of the lungs of people regularly practicing special breathing exercise – a half to two times more than ordinary people.

3 Improves gas exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs, which indicates greater efficiency of the lungs and very positive effect on the health of the brain and body as a whole.

4 Stabilizes the nervous system. Breathing exercises are one of the most effective ways of dealing with stress and nervous tension.

5 Increases immunity and the body’s resistance against viral and other diseases.

6 Normalizes the endocrine glands – the endocrine system.

A regular Pranayama practice allows you to be calm and emotionally balanced. Greatly increased the potential and performance, the tiredness goes away and increases the ability to concentrate and focus, decreased need for food and sleep!

Pranayama are the most effective techniques in Yoga, from widely available at the moment.

Through regular practice, you get the maximum effect with minimum time loss!

Ishvara yoga centre invites You to attend the course “Pranayama – Yoga Breathing exercises” with Anatoly Zenchenko.

The course “Pranayama” includes three classes in an hour and a half (December 29, 2, January 3):

Monday 20.30-22.00

Friday – 20.30-22.00

Saturday – 15.00-16-30


1 explanation of the meaning and importance of breathing techniques that are part of Yoga.

2 Description of the external conditions necessary for the practice of Pranayama (breathing exercises) the Place, Time, Diet, etc.

3 Description of position of a body fit for the practice of Pranayama. Options item from the simplest to the Padmasana.

4 explanation of the correct way of breathing, Full yogic breath.

5 explain the use of bandhas in Pranayama.

6 Development of Oddiyana and Nauli

7 Kapalabhati pranayama

8 bhastrika pranayama

9 Mastering Adjai pranayama (without delay)

10 the Development of Nadi shodhana pranayama ( Without delay)

11 Mastering Sitali pranayama – the cooling pranayama.

12 Mastering Sitkari pranayama.