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Briefly about functional training


Today in fashion “Functional training”. They say that this is the future of fitness. It is called “constructive” because it helps to build the body. Engaging in work all muscle groups, develop motor qualities necessary for a full life of a healthy person. It will suit involved at any level of fitness. And, because of its universality, is an indispensable source of energy and health for everyone who is involved in sports, physical culture, to strive for a healthy lifestyle.

In General, functional training is absolutely necessary for every person.

Every day we are faced with some physical exertion, such as when climbing back to the fifth floor, when forced to go on the ice or pavement, snow-covered, when doing repairs in the apartment or cleaning, etc.

Naturally, people involved in the sport, during training and competition process is subject to much more severe physical stress, and thus need more functional training.

In sports circles is a common assertion that man is so strong, how strong is his most “weak link“. Functional training is a comprehensive fitness, balanced development of all motor skills, to avoid “weak links”.

Without practice of motor qualities and skills are lost, “broken” parts of the body lose their ability. For their rehabilitation and were invented so-called functional exercises (functional – valued function). Program functional training involves training movements, not muscles. The muscles in the process of functional training is only strengthening effect.

Any expert in the field of physical culture and sport will confirm that to develop motor qualities simultaneously. But there are activities that could be included in the maximum number of muscles. The most common of these running and jumping exercises that combine different modes of muscular work (frequency, rhythm, volume, intensity).

Want to see, what to do today, functional training efficiently and, moreover, at a time convenient for you can and at home. For this purpose developed different exercise machines, for example, an electric treadmill. To find the best physical load, you can adjust its angle of inclination and speed depending on your physical fitness. For athletes preferred paths, which change the speed and incline automatically, alternating regimes of greater and lesser loads, and also have a heart rate sensor.

Gaining popularity elliptical trainer for the home – this is a trainer for effective workout of all major muscle groups – legs, buttocks, hips and the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest and back. The ability to perform movements both forward and backward provided by this trainer increases the number of working muscle groups.

All elliptical trainers are a group of cardio – or, as they are called, aerobic exercise equipment, they strengthen the body’s cardiovascular system and increase stamina.

So, to sum up. Functional training is adaptation to stress, functional readiness, which is defined as a good physical condition, allowing you to perform daily work (for athletes training and competitive activities) with sufficient vigor.