Use plavanie
  Swimming as a sport, the history of its origin and development in Russia. Learning to swim in the Russian troops under Peter I. the Evolution of methods and techniques…

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How to run how to start, equipment, Jogging
  How to start running? First you need to stretch your body. Workout should be carried out immediately before you run. 10-15 minutes is enough to perform a small set…

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How to run?


Running is one of the most natural types of movement for people, but people have become distant from nature, so you need to run to re-learn. Nature millions of years to develop our feet and the whole body, the foot has excellent properties for depreciation and pushing. You need to learn how to use these devices and your running will be absolutely safe, easy and enjoyable.

By the way, many of the African runners who have excellent running technique, in childhood did not have shoes and learn to run barefoot. Now

many are looking at these Champions, admire elegant style and efficient running technique Using proper running technique, you will be able to run fast, gently and without injury even on hard floors.



Start with that, because usually forget about them. You might be thinking, “I am running feet, what does it have hands ?” the Body is a unified system of levers, the correct work of your hands will help to footwork, balance the movement of the body Continue reading

Body-ballet – for women who love and respect themselves


Perhaps, every girl at least once envied professional dancers because of their graceful figures and legendary grace and flexibility. Typical ballet figure, indeed, looks more feminine and has smoother lines than the body trained athletes. This is because during the dance muscles are stretched, that does not always occur in the course of ordinary practice. Of course, not everyone can and want to spend many hours in the day at the ballet bar, but closer to the ideal will be able to help one of the newer areas of training – body ballet . As a result of practice will be able to develop not only the plasticity and flexibility, but in addition, body-

ballet helps to achieve excellent posture and to work even the smallest muscles.

Body ballet can practice women absolutely any age, regardless of their physical condition. Classes have no contraindications. Training is built on the use of the basic Continue reading

Jogging as a healthy lifestyle


Regardless of whether you want to lose weight . strengthen bones or cardiovascular Jogging, certainly will help. What the benefit of Jogging, the impact of easy running on the body, recommendations for practice and technique Jogging .

Slow running hurts less joints than sprint, but to strengthen the bones, the heart. lungs and burning calories it is useful none the less. At the same

time, it is relatively heavy shock load, not too good for people who have problems in the knee or ankle joints.

With age naturally decreases the density and strength of bones, and thus increases the risk of degenerative changes (e.g., osteoporosis) and fractures, especially hip and spine.

How useful Jogging?

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