How to run?
  Running is one of the most natural types of movement for people, but people have become distant from nature, so you need to run to re-learn. Nature millions of…

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Breathing exercises for pneumonia, and after an illness exercises
Breathing exercises for pneumonia has important therapeutic value. It improves the gas exchange in the lungs and reduces the size of the bacterial damage to the bronchial wall. On practical…

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Breathing exercises by Strelnikova during pregnancy

Breathing exercises, known now under the name “breathing exercises Strelnikova”, or “paradoxical breathing exercises Strelnikova” was developed in the middle of the last century and at first had nothing to do with pregnancy and pregnant — it was the method to return, improving the voice, “a method for the treatment of diseases associated with loss of voice”, as written in the certificate of copyright issued to Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova in 1972.

However, even earlier, before the great Patriotic war, these exercises her

mother, Alexandra Severova Strelnikova successfully treated asthma (“Method of treatment of asthma breathing exercises” – a proposal to the Bureau of inventions of the technical Council of the Commissariat of the USSR No. 4268 dated April 29, 41G). Breathing exercises Strelnikova passed since that time a long and winding path to his fans, many of whom she saved the voice, career, health and life itself.

Exercises Strelnikova during pregnancy

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How to pump up the bottom of the press


Abdominal muscles play a dual role in the human body. On the one hand, they are directly involved in the movements of the trunk (flexion and extension of the casing, turns to the side, lower ribs), with another – reducing act as the press, changing the volume of the abdominal cavity. Strong developed muscles form the muscles supporting and resistant internal organs.

That is why it is so important to keep yourself in good shape: inflated trim press is not only beautiful, but necessary to complete the work of

the internal organs.

Anatomy of the muscles of the lower press

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Energy sources of muscle activity. “BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY”, Berezov T. T, Korovkin B. F


It is considered that the process is directly related to the working mechanism of striated muscle fibers, is the disintegration of ATP with the formation of ADP and inorganic phosphate. The question arises: how does a muscle cell can provide the contractile apparatus sufficient amount of energy in the form of ATP. i.e. how does the process of muscle activity there is a continuous resynthesis of the compound?

First of all, the resynthesis of ATP is provided by transphosphorylation

ADP with creatine. This reaction is catalyzed by the enzyme creatine kinase:

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