Sports help to quit Smoking and not gain weight
  Many smokers and smokers experience fear because of the myth of rapid weight gain after Smoking cessation and this is the first barrier to quit Smoking. They fear that…

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Yoga Breathing exercises
  Pranayama – Yoga Breathing exercises The breath is the manifestation of the presence of the life force or Energy in the human body. Pranayama is inherently - it is…

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What is cycle-aerobics


Regular practice of this sport will allow people with low blood pressure get rid of his illness. Cycle-aerobics almost exactly the same as the load experienced during the passage of Cycling in rough terrain.

Before school starts, ideally, would be nice to visit the medical facility where you can pass the test of fitness. Based on the results of the test will be issued a notice for admission in the desired group.

Generally, there are three types of classes:

SPIN BEGIN allows beginners to master the necessary Cycling equipment;

SPIN FORCE available for people who already held initial physical training. Its main objective is the development of strength Continue reading

How to choose a trainer for at home – useful tips


Today there is a huge amount of exercise equipment for the home.

Really, it’s so convenient: no need to spend time on the road, to get the membership in health clubs – home trainer is always on hand to do and You can at any time.

But why it is often bought by the trainer and so is idle, covered with dust? How to avoid mistakes when buying equipment for home, so it truly is brought to You favor? I hope this article will help You in solving this


What are the different simulators

Actually, the term “trainer” from eng. to train – training refers to any training device for muscle development. Choosing a trainer for your home, first of all, please note that it is of high quality and easy to use.

The following types of equipment:

-the cardio

-strength training

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Nordic walking. The secrets of famous coaches


Anastasia Poletaeva – founder and Manager of Russia’s first professional School of Nordic walking, the center of conscious movement and developing tourism Poletaeva & Co, as well as the Moscow school of Pilates “body Line”. In addition, she is a certified coach of the London centre of The

International Coaching Alliance Limited, a professional Wellness coach (Nordic) walking, body-oriented psychologist, member of the Association of dance movement therapy and graduate Institute of practical psychology and psychoanalysis on specialization “Creative dance and developmental movement.

Nastya interested in philosophy, psychosomatic, musculoskeletal practices. More than ten years of practicing Nordic walking and Pilates.

In the School of Nordic walking author conducts individual and group sessions, including the training of trainers and training of trainers. Continue reading