And intensive calorie burning during exercise can do wonders for your physique, but this does not give you the right to go to the nearest McDonalds, at the end…

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The choice of the treadmill
  &nbsp &nbsp Treadmills are one of the most popular simulators for the home. When you purchase a treadmill you need to consider a few key factors to your choice…

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Fitness Bodybuilding


The word fitness is derived from the English “to fit”, which in turn means to meet or to be in good shape. Today, fitness is not just a gym, it a lifestyle that allows you to enjoy your figure and build.

According to a popular resource Wikipedia: fitness is the overall physical fitness of a person. Speaking with the Russian reader is more familiar word exercise but don’t present its analogue and the prototype of the Soviet era. In that era physical exercise was one of complete different nature, and in fact, this was the first emergence of fitness on the

continent. Today we came to replace the beautiful word “fitness”, however, the participants of this movement was much less. Why? Unknown, but instead of looking for blame, we will give you extensive information about this sport, and then maybe several dozens, if not hundreds, of people will be on the right path.

Overall fitness, and physical education, has one goal – the development of five physical qualities:

– force;

– agility;

– endurance;

– flexibility;

– constructionof the figure.

It is worth noting that such a uniform improvement of motor skills has fitness, and newfangled crossfit. The same bodyfitness bodybuilding or focuses on a few aspects. Versatility – that’s what makes fitness among other strength sports. Unfortunately, these days the media and the Internet contribute to the emergence of incredible stereotypes that the sport loses much of its audience. Continue reading

Morning zaryadka


Everyone knows about the benefits of exercise, but not everyone knows that a healthy lifestyle begins with morning exercise. Yes, it’s morning, and this is an explanation.

First, the word “charging” already implies something good, isn’t it? Charge the body with energy is very important, especially if you’re not 20 years. With age it becomes harder to feel fresh and keep the body in good shape. And the sooner you start exercising, the easier it’ll be to keep in shape.

Secondly, the morning is the best time to charge the body with energy which will last for the whole day. It is morning exercise are the best means of awakening and formation of optimal daytime mode.

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7 myths homemade weight loss how not to lose weight


With EMI the most common misconceptions about burning fat at home — all about how not to lose weight. Diet «1000 calories» and exercise for weight loss.

Myth 1: to Lose 10 pounds in a week

Because a gram of fat contains 9 calories, to get rid of one kilogram of fat deposits the body has to have a negative energy balance in the amount of 9 000 calories. Taking into account average caloric intake. it’s almost

a week without food.

It is important to understand that 90 000 calories you can spend a week solely for a daily deficit of 12 thousand calories, which is physically unrealistic. In most cases, a healthy body cannot burn more than 400-500 grams of fat in a week.

Myth 2: don’t eat after six in the evening

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