A healthy spine is a healthy organism
  At the IV International championship at SPA-massage, which was held in Moscow, representatives from Lithuania, massage therapist from Druskininkai Regina Branickaya and super-model Egle Roxrite (aka marketing Director at…

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How to lose weight fast without dieting
  Diet has no persistent effects on our weight. When we strictly limit ourselves in another, the body perceives this as a threat and moves to economical consumption of calories.…

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How to relax in the workplace

In the question “how to relax?” laid mislead a person who thinks that relaxation can be brought under control. In practice, attempt to relax immediately leads to even more stress. This is well known, for example, massage therapists. This is one reason why the skills for stress management do not work at the level of making quick decisions or respond in everyday life.

Declaration-2015: the 20 richest families of the Kremlin and the White house

When coffee suddenly do not want it or bad at it, there is a terrible tension, anxiety: “something is wrong with me: people in the civilized world successfully use it all”. Such a person is convinced that if all the time to speak management’s language, to remember and apply everything taught in training, to observe time management, right to sell himself Continue reading

How to choose a trainer for at home – useful tips


Today there is a huge amount of exercise equipment for the home.

Really, it’s so convenient: no need to spend time on the road, to get the membership in health clubs – home trainer is always on hand to do and You can at any time.

But why it is often bought by the trainer and so is idle, covered with dust? How to avoid mistakes when buying equipment for home, so it truly is brought to You favor? I hope this article will help You in solving this


What are the different simulators

Actually, the term “trainer” from eng. to train – training refers to any training device for muscle development. Choosing a trainer for your home, first of all, please note that it is of high quality and easy to use.

The following types of equipment:

-the cardio

-strength training

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Running shoes Nike Adidas Mizuno Asics of my boot maratonki


Deciding to stock up on new women’s shoes, you need to place emphasis and focus on the essential characteristics of selection: quality, comfort and design. To order women’s shoes wholesale You only need to select the desired batch and fill out a simple order form, after which we will

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In the online store “Red Queen” presents women shoes wholesale large sizes that meet the external standards of the modern shoes and practical characteristics of women’s shoes.

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