7 myths homemade weight loss how not to lose weight
  With EMI the most common misconceptions about burning fat at home — all about how not to lose weight. Diet «1000 calories» and exercise for weight loss. Myth 1:…

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Galina Matejko Healthy body is not afraid of viruses
  Early spring is the period of seasonal acute respiratory diseases (license plate). And this year they added more and measles. What is the epidemiological situation now in parts of…

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And intensive calorie burning during exercise can do wonders for your physique, but this does not give you the right to go to the nearest McDonalds, at the end of workout. If you are serious about building muscle or losing fat, and need to seriously approach the issue of food intake following exercise.

After a grueling workout, the body sends a signal to the brain about the need for food, a feeling of hunger. In striving to meet this need, many choose the wrong foods. Apart from the fact that the consumption of these

products negatively affects health, it will negate the entire fitness training progress, serious efforts would be in vain.

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The choice of the treadmill


&nbsp &nbsp Treadmills are one of the most popular simulators for the home. When you purchase a treadmill you need to consider a few key factors to your choice exactly suit your needs.

&nbsp &nbsp On the market now presents a variety of models of domestic treadmills in different price ranges and you should keep in mind that the quality of the equipment depends on its price. Before you to choosing a treadmill – measure the area where you plan to install the treadmill. The average home treadmill has a length of about 160 cm and a width of about

70 cm, however, there are many models that fold, and then you can store them under the bed or in the closet. Selecting a track you can pay attention to the following key characteristics: the track design, programming and warranty.

The design of the treadmill

&nbsp &nbsp first, you should pay attention to the engine power (measured in horsepower). It is recommended to purchase the equipment, the capacity of which is less than 2 l/s. The engine of such power will last much longer and the user’s weight may exceed 80 kg.

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Morning zaryadka


Everyone knows about the benefits of exercise, but not everyone knows that a healthy lifestyle begins with morning exercise. Yes, it’s morning, and this is an explanation.

First, the word “charging” already implies something good, isn’t it? Charge the body with energy is very important, especially if you’re not 20 years. With age it becomes harder to feel fresh and keep the body in good shape. And the sooner you start exercising, the easier it’ll be to keep in shape.

Secondly, the morning is the best time to charge the body with energy which will last for the whole day. It is morning exercise are the best means of awakening and formation of optimal daytime mode.

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